Alarm under Gorica and announcement of changes, Dečić took the top, but little is said about it

A never more interesting Meridianbet round of the 1st Montenegrin football league, will be remembered for football, and even more for non-football things

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Photo: FSCG
Photo: FSCG
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Dečić Admiralbet took first place in the Meridianbet First Montenegrin Football League, winning against Mladost in a controversial match that will be talked about for a long time, the details of which will be discussed for a long time.

The way Tuzani scored the first goal, the reaction of the home team's players, especially the stopper Zvonko Ceklić, who literally ducked so that the ball wouldn't hit him, cast a shadow over the entire 22nd round, including those much more interesting, but football things that took place at night.

Bućućnosti failed for who knows how many times in a row - actually the fifth, in the last eight games, at home against Jezera. The people of Pljav surprisingly celebrated 1:0, visiting on autumn days, and this defeat could have more serious consequences for the champions.

Only one point in three spring rounds, a draw with Dečić, a convincing defeat by Rudar, and now also by Jezera, and the loss of first place for a team that strengthened strongly in the half-season, which, for Montenegrin circumstances, spent a lot of money on football player contracts, is an alarm for alarm under Gorica.

Of course, when it doesn't work out, the coach is the first to attack. Mladen Milinković has already won two titles with the Podgorica club, at the end of the summer he returned for a third, many consider him the ideal "profile" of a coach for Montenegrin club football, but after only one point in three spring rounds, two defeats in matches in which his team was the absolute favorite, it is logical that his chair is shaking.

It remains to be seen whether the club leaders will give him a chance in the biggest Montenegrin derby against Sutjeska, on Sunday in Nikšić, or whether they will decide on a big cut before that. The biggest candidate to succeed him, should he be replaced, is the former striker of the "Blues" Srđan Radonjić, now the head of the club's youth school.

The deciding goal for Jezero, which celebrated for the first time in the second part of the season, was scored by Petar Pavlićević in the 68th minute. Marko Šimun crossed, Budućnost goalkeeper Filip Domazetović deflected the ball straight to Pavlićević, who shook the net.

Podgorica were again slow, without ideas, although they attacked, had more possession of the ball, and even a few good chances.

Vasilije Adžić, the guy who will wear the Juventus jersey from June, played for the first time since the beginning of the second half of the season, he had three attempts in the first half - he couldn't score. Đorđe Despotović was also imprecise. In the center of attention was Jezer's goalkeeper, Igor Asanović, who had several excellent interventions.

Plavljani defended themselves, played the game well tactically, and waited for their chance. In the finish, Ivan Brnović's boys withstood another surge from Budućnost for a valuable victory.

The way in which Dečić won at the "DG Arena" does not need to be described - those who watched could see everything on TV, that's why Sutjeska's first victory in the second part is worth mentioning.

The people of Nikšić celebrated in Bijelo Polje against Jedinstva with 1:0, with the goal of Anto Babić's header in the 31st minute, after Veljko Batrović's cross.

"Skupo" is third in the table, because it could bring Europe (unless Rudar or Jezero win the Cup before Budućnosti or Dečić), and Nikšić's team reduced the difference to two points compared to Mornar, who played 0:0 with Arsenal in Bar.

However, Jezero is still tied with Sutjeska in terms of points.

Petrovac and Rudar played to a draw (1:1) - Pljevlja won a valuable point after a great victory against Budućnost in the last round.

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