VIDEO of Majstori Janković against Grovo Nefči, Karabagh is already in the final of the Cup

The champion of Azerbaijan in the first match of the semi-finals was convincing against Nefchi (4:0)

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Janković celebrates a goal against Nefči, Photo: Qarabağ FK (Facebook)
Janković celebrates a goal against Nefči, Photo: Qarabağ FK (Facebook)
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In recent days, the media from Azerbaijan have written that Marko Janković is on the list of many clubs from stronger leagues, and the Montenegrin midfielder showed why he is like that once again in the Cup.

In the first match of the semi-finals, his Karabag team defeated Nefči, our expert Miodrag Božović, with 4:0.

Janković was the scorer of the third goal at "Nefča Arena" in Bakuk - and what a one, for TV highlights.

The "Falcon" midfielder first reached the ball on the edge of the penalty area before one of the defenders of the home team, masterfully passed another rival along the goal-out line, and then easily finished the action.

The creator of another important victory for Karabagh was our second player Marko Vešović, who played the whole game.

Apart from Janković, the scorers for Karabagh, which celebrated a new title a few days ago, were Toral Bajramov (twice) and Narim Ahundzade.

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