We didn't talk much about the title, but it was in our minds that we could be champions

Xabi Alonso took over Leverkusen in October 2022 after the worst start to the season since 1979. A year and a half later - the "pharmacists" are the champions of Germany

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Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters
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Bayer Leverkusen is celebrating a historic championship title, the first since the club was founded.

Coach Ćabi Alonso, who took over during the previous season, in October 2022, in the midst of the "pharmacist's" worst start to the season since 1979, brought the team to a level few could have hoped for.

"We didn't talk much about the title in the dressing room during the season, but it was in our heads that we could be champions this year," said Alonso, who will lead Leverkusen next season as well, despite the interest of many European giants, such as Liverpool and Bayern.

"The only goal before the start of the season was to play games with the right mentality. From the beginning, the players started working and sticking together. Already after the first few matches, it was clear that this team can play really good football."

"Pharmaceutics" won the first trophy after 1993, when they celebrated in the German Cup.

"Achieving this in this way is really a top performance. It's finally an honor to say that Leverkusen are champions. Fully deserved - for the team, the fans and the club," added the Basque.

Bayer has not yet lost an official match this season, and has played 43 games in all competitions.

"I can't describe this," beamed the 20-year-old German representative Florian Wirtz, the author of a hat-trick in today's victory over Werder (5:0), which also mathematically brought Salatara.

“I personally still cannot understand that this happened. It will take me a few moments in the dressing room to realize what we have achieved. We couldn't even imagine something like this when we see how the previous season went."

And this historical one is not over yet, the "pharmacists" are waiting for the final of the German Cup, against the second division Kaiserslautern, as well as the final of the Europa League.

"Let's enjoy the moment, we deserved it, as did our army of fans. This was an intense season, but it's not the end - we mustn't forget that. We still have big goals we want to fulfill," said Ćabi Alonso.

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