La Dea and a dream of six decades

Final of the Italian Cup, Atalanta or Juventus - the club from Bergamo is chasing the second trophy in the club's history, the first since 21.

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Is it time for the trophy: Atalanta and fans from Bergamo hope for a feast in Rome, Photo: Atalanta BC
Is it time for the trophy: Atalanta and fans from Bergamo hope for a feast in Rome, Photo: Atalanta BC
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Black and white photos Angelo Domengini, a local legend and the man who struck three times in the final of the Italian Cup, still reminds everyone in Bergamo of the only cup that their Atalanta won in history, way back in 1963.

"La Dea" (in translation - the goddess) has recently had several opportunities to win the trophy again in the Cup, in the last six years she has lost two finals, and a new chance appeared at the moment when she charmed Europe with her style of play.

The most exciting days of Atalanta, perhaps in history, follow - tonight at 21 pm in Rome, the new Cup final against Juventus, and after that the Europa League final, and confirmation of placement in the Champions League...

The chosen ones Gianpiero Gasperini they reached the finals over Milan and Fiorentina, during the season they kept a watch on Liverpool in Europe, and now another giant is waiting for them at "Olympic".

- It is a bit difficult to say that we are the favorites against Juventus - we are in good shape, but I don't think we are the favorites - Gasperini put the ball down and reminded that his team, after all, is playing against a club that, even when it is not in shape, knows very well how to win trophies.

All this does not mean that an experienced expert does not dream together with the whole of Bergamo.

- We arrived in Rome with great enthusiasm, we still have to go the last mile to the cup - emphasized Gasperini.

Atalanta won the only cup so far against Torino in the aforementioned final in 1963. Now another club from the capital of Piedmont is waiting for them, and Gasperini is also from that Italian region.

The coach of the team from Bergamo cannot count on two important assets tonight - Đanluk Skamak (cartons) and Seada Kolasinac (injury), while his colleague on the other side Massimiliano Allegri there are other problems.

The specialist from Livorno brought Juventus five titles and four cups in the Italian Cup in his first term, but since his return (2021) no trophy has yet reached the black and white part of Turin.

- The goal at the beginning of the season was to return to the Champions League and to win the Cup - Allegri repeated what he said several times during the season.

The return to the European elite is ensured, now the "old lady" wants to avoid ending up without a trophy for the third year in a row. And to spoil Atalanta's dreams.

"La Dea" for the second time in history or Juventus' 15th triumph - the cup awaits in the Eternal City.

No superstition - the former Atalanta captain has already lifted the trophy

How many people close to Atalanta believe that the moment has finally come for one of the trophies to arrive in Bergamo was also shown by the interesting situation with the Italian Cup trophy.

The captain of the "goddess" from the late eighties and early nineties of the last century, Glen Stromberg, lifted the cup that awaits a new conqueror in Rome, regardless of the superstition that this is not done until the match is over, writes "Gazeta dello Sport".

- For Atalanta, the cup was won just by placing in the final. More precisely, I will take this cup now - joked the former Swedish midfielder.

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