Željko Petrović to the cup in the BiH Cup, Zrinjski has not lost 16 games already

With two identical victories over the champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Borce from Banajluka, the Montenegrin coach on the bench of Zrinjsko, Željko Petrović, crowned a great half-season

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Petrović celebrated his 11th consecutive victory, Photo: HŠK Zrinjski Mostar
Petrović celebrated his 11th consecutive victory, Photo: HŠK Zrinjski Mostar
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Montenegrin coach Željko Petrović won the Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup winner's cup with Zrinjski. With two identical victories in the battle for the trophy, the first under Bijeli Brijeg (1:0), but also in the rematch against Borac in Banja Luka, Zrinjski successfully finished the season.

Zrinjski was a more determined team than Borca in defending their home advantage in Banajluka, to whom they left the initiative and on the counter several times dangerously threatened the goal.

Only 26-year-old striker Nardin Mulahusejenović scored in the 81st minute.

On the other hand, Borac only had a shot within the goal of Petrović's team.

The success of Zrinjski is even greater, because Borac already secured the title a round before the end of the championship, while the club from Mostar was at a turning point. He started the season with Krunoslav Rendulić, who was fired and Mario Ivanković briefly took over the bench.

Although hot, the bench of last year's champion was a challenge for Petrović, who started halfway through the season and lived up to expectations with the trophy in the Cup.

Zrinjski will finish the championship in second place, and Petrović has not lost for 16 games - 14 wins, 11 in a row and two draws.

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