Historic title for Tuzan, seventh for Draško Božović: I believe that the streak of Dečić has begun

"I admit that I am glad that I scored that goal for the title, because I feel that I have repaid my debt, first to the fans of Dečić, and then to everyone in the club and around him, to the management...", the experienced midfielder told "Vijesti".

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Photo: FSCG
Photo: FSCG
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The most trophy-winning Montenegrin club Budućnost has six national championship titles, the offensive midfielder's seventh goal of the season Drasko Bozovic he provided the same number of necklaces around his neck.

The match in Nikšić for the victory of Dečić over Sutjeska (1:0) was certainly historic - it provided the club from Tuza with its first cup since its founding.

The experienced midfielder won the title four times in his career with Budućnost, two with Mogren...

"From the goalkeeper Nikić so go ahead - everyone is equally deserving of Dečić's first title, because in every game there were individuals who bounced back. I admit that I am glad that I scored that goal for the title, because I feel that I have repaid, firstly to the fans of Dečić, and then to everyone in the club and around him, to the management... From my first appearance on the field in a Decić jersey, and now I'm finishing the third season in it, I felt undisguised love, ovations, support and understanding both when things went well, but also when the results were not in line with the ambition", says Božović for "Vijesti".

Dečić's championship ambitions are not new, only the engagement of Božović was a sign that Tuzani wanted to jump to the forefront.

Drasko Bozovic
photo: FSCG

"Dečić is old, but so is the club without experience in attacking trophies. In my first season, we lost in the final of the Montenegrin Cup, in the last one we didn't even qualify for Europe. And the investments were big. Dečić is my 11th club, and with so much experience I claim that there are two crucial reasons why we were incomparably better this season than previous seasons. The first is the decision of the sports director Fatos Bećiraj to hire a coach Milorad Peković. It is about a young, but coach with a lot of knowledge and experience. After all, he led Podgorica to the European qualifications, trained young national teams, was with Saša Ilić to CSKA from Sofia. The result was immediately visible - 10 games without defeat, eight wins. That's when it became clear to us players that we could do it, even though Buducnost had a three-four point lead. They joined the fight for the title, as did Sutjeska and Mornar, but we were right in the most important matches and showed that we are deservedly champions", said Božović.

And the other factor is...

“Arrival Bojan Matić in the winter transfer window. From the start, everyone loved him, especially the fans. I count the goals, but since my role is to create the attack, I really don't know how many assists I have handed out. I think Matic scored four or five goals this spring after my passes. And I think it is a curiosity and unprecedented that a club won the title by not playing a single game at home. That best shows how well-deserved the title is," says Božović.

He does not hide that he wants to continue the episode in Dečić.

Dečić football players, FK Decić
photo: FSCG

"My contract expires at the end of the season, but we will talk. Dečić was there for me in some of the most difficult moments, when due to turbulence in the club where I grew up, one of the management in Budućnost decided to give me up. And on the last day of the transition period. Dečić reacted quickly, gave me an opportunity, and I tried to contribute as much as possible in every game and in training. Dečić won the title, a nice little stadium will be ready soon, auxiliary fields and a camp for youth facilities are being built, and I think the club is on the right track. I'm sure that this is just the beginning of a series of winning trophies," Božović is clear.

Draško played 13 games for the national team of Montenegro.

"Of course I think now is the time for the younger ones. I will soon turn 36 years old, and by playing in the national team jersey, I have made my dreams come true. Maybe when I was younger I should have made more appearances for the national team, but that is less important. The important thing is that I realized my boyhood dream", concluded Božović.

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