After the final, Borussia starts an attack on the goalscorer from the Bundesliga

"Millionaires" have a clear plan for the summer transfer window

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Photo: Beta / AP
Photo: Beta / AP
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The big final of the Champions League against Real Madrid awaits Borussia Dortmund next Saturday, and then the German club turns to reinforcements for the next season.

Whatever happens on June 1 at "Wembley", the leaders of the "millionaires" know what the priority is - bringing forwards.

And it is known who is the first target, according to the media close to the club.

Borussia want Stuttgart goalscorer Seru Girasi, who has scored 28 goals in the Bundesliga this season.

Girasi, a 28-year-old footballer from Guinea, has a buyout clause of only 17,5 million euros and it is clear that the "Squabs" cannot keep him, despite the fact that he will play in the Champions League next season.

Girasija also wants Milan, but Borussia believes that they are the closest to him...

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