The representative of Sutjeska did not appear at the match, the club lost with the official result

Sutjeska hosted Igala in the play-off for placement in the First Pioneer League, but the match was not played, because there was no representative of the club from Nikšić.

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Illustration, Photo: FK Sutjeska
Illustration, Photo: FK Sutjeska
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The football club Sutjeska is having a bad season. It is known that the club ends the season without a trophy, for the first time since 2021, and that it will not play in Europe, for the first time since 2016.

But another incredible piece of information comes from Nikšić, and it concerns the younger categories, which should be the support and future of the club and which, throughout history, have produced many talented footballers.

On May 23, the pioneer section of the football club Sutjeska was supposed to play a play-off match against Igalo to fill the First Pioneer League. But the match was not played, because Sutjeska did not have a club representative!

The match was supposed to start at 17 p.m., and then the referee and the delegate waited for 15 minutes to see if Sutjeska's representative would appear. As the representative of Sutjeska, which along with Budućnost is considered the biggest club in the country, did not appear, the referee played the end of the game and Nikšić lost the match by the official score - 3:0.

By the way, the pioneers of Sutjeska played 14 games in the lower division this season and recorded all 14 victories.

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