If it's the end - Ten Hague said goodbye in style: United "robbed" City of the trophy in the FA Cup

Manchester United won the cup in the oldest competition for the 13th time in history

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Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters
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At the end of a gloomy season, the sun appeared in the red part of Manchester - a trophy was won that can hardly erase United's eighth place and a desperate game in the Premier League, but perhaps the title in the FA Cup and the beginning of a new, successful era of the giants under the leadership of Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

The "Red Devils" beat Manchester City 2:1 in the final at "Wembley" and celebrated for the 13th time in history in the oldest competition in the world.

It was probably the weakest match of the "Citizens" in the season, but also the most mature of Erik ten Haag's team, who had a clear idea of ​​waiting for the opponent's mistakes. Few could have guessed that almost a dozen of them would be welcomed in the first half alone...

They solved the game in it - first, in the 30th, Alejandro Garnaćo punished a big mistake by Joško Guardiola and goalkeeper Stefano Ortega, then Kobi Meina converted the counterattack in a big 2:0.

It was only the 40th minute, there was still a long way to go, but the body language of Pep Guardiola's team seemed to say that a miracle was needed to defend the cup they won last season at the same place against the same rival.

The champion of England had chances in the continuation, Erling Haaland shook the crossbar, Julián Alvarez and Kyle Walker came close to scoring on two occasions. and all he did was reduce the deficit in the 87th through Jeremy Doku.

United goalkeeper Andre Onan did not celebrate with the Belgian's shot, but he was not punished - the trophy moves to "Old Trafford".

City did not write history, consecutive double crowns remained a dream, and United saved the season - a victory in the FA Cup means that they will play in the Europa League next, the only question is whether with Ten Haag on the bench or not...

Chelsea goes to the Conference League, while Newcastle was left without a ticket to the European scene.

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