Dečić's championship party - see the photo gallery

The football players of the new Montenegrin champion were presented with the championship cup

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Photo: FSCG
Photo: FSCG
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The ceremony took place tonight at Camp FSCG, where Dečić met Arsenal (1:3) in the match of the last round of the Meridianbet 1st CFL.

The festival was both on the field and in the stands - the new Montenegrin champions were presented with the championship cup, the fans in the stands accompanied it all with choreography.

Milorad Peković's team finished the best season in the club's history in style, they won and made an even bigger difference in the final - they finished the championship with six points more than Sailors, even nine more than Budućnost, which was the biggest and only rival for a long time.

The cup was presented to the captain of Dečić, Džonatan Drešaj, by the president of FSCG, Dejan Savićević.

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