Great victory for Montenegro - 2nd half to remember, on Thursday a chance to solve everything

Bojana Popović's team defeated Hungary 2:24 with a spectacular game in the 18nd half, so they go to the main stage with a maximum of four points.

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Itana Grbić at tonight's match, Photo: Tibor Illyes/ MTI via AP
Itana Grbić at tonight's match, Photo: Tibor Illyes/ MTI via AP
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Ažurirano: 04.12.2023. 23:23h
22: 02h

With an unreal game in the 2nd half, Montenegrin handball players defeated Hungary 24:18 and stepped into the quarterfinals of the 26th World Championship with one foot.

If they defeat the second-placed team of group A on Thursday, which will probably be Croatia, only theory could stop them on their way to Herning and the World Cup final.

As in the first two matches, Bojana Popović's team struggled in attack in the 1st half, scoring only seven goals, and the break between 3rd and 4th, that is, 4th and 5th, was huge.

But, after returning from the locker room, the "lionesses" acted and played like one of the best national teams in the world, reminiscent of the famous editions from 2012.

The defense was even better than in the 1st half, when it was great, Marta Batinović worked wonders between the posts, and Matea Pletikosić and Tatjana Brnović drove the Hungarians crazy with a two-on-two game, Itana Grbić scored when it seemed impossible...

The turning point came immediately, Dijana Mugoša used the sevens phenomenally and played on her unnatural right wing, from where she scored a beautiful goal, with which she solved the question of the winner with a goal in 23:17 in the 57th minute.

Montenegro saved the big plus six until the end, which can be very important if, by some chance, a round of teams with eight points in Group I of the main stage would be made.

In that situation, mutual goal difference would decide, and Montenegro already has a lot of capital...

22: 00h

Kucora cuts it to 24:18 with 45 seconds left.

22: 00h

Nada Ćorović and Đurđina Malović entered.

21: 58h

Bojana Popović's new time-out, the last of the match. The difference should be preserved, maybe even increased, because a victory over the second-placed team of group B on Thursday, which will most likely be Croatia, would be enough for the quarterfinals!

21: 57h

Tatjana Brnović scores in 24:17!

21: 56h

It's over now. The block stopped the shot by Juhas, and Dijana Mugoš scored for 23:17 from the right wing with a little more than three minutes left. Montenegro secured victory, and now it can chase a convincing victory.

21: 55h

Matea Pletikosić scored 22:17 with 4:40 to go. And she deserved to announce her triumph.

21: 54h

Itana Grbić hits through the legs of Bode-Biro for 21:16 with less than six minutes left, Pastor responds.

21: 52h

Time-out by Bojana Popović with six minutes and 20 seconds left. Montenegro has victory in its hands.

21: 51h

Đeri-Lukač uses the attack with the player more and reduces it to 20:16.

21: 50h

Greta Juhas found a solution for Marta Batinović, but Tatjana Brnović responded immediately at 20:15.

21: 49h

Itana Grbić's mastery in 19:14 with less than eight minutes to go.

21: 48h

The defense is phenomenal, and Marta Batinović catches the "live" ball.

21: 46h

Ivona Pavićević brings plus four (18:14) with nine and a half minutes to go, Vladimir Golovin is forced to spend the last time-out.

21: 45h

Another mistake by the Hungarians, Montenegro has everything in their hands with 10 minutes to go.

21: 45h

Dijana Mugoša again safe from the seven for 17:14 in the 50th minute. Again, the action Pletikosić - Brnović brought a penalty.

21: 44h

Ivona Pavićević misses for plus four, Nikoleta Pap reduces it to 16:14 with 11 minutes and 20 seconds to go.

21: 43h

Marta Batinović is spectacular!!! Zicer Marton now defends from the counter, Montenegro has plus three with 12 minutes to go.

21: 42h

Itana Grbić scored in 16:13, the "quick center" did not go well for the Hungarians. Simon makes a mistake in his steps.

21: 40h

Dijana Mugoš also uses the fourth seven-pointer, but Šimon responds - 15:13.

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