Tatjana Brnović: Whatever team we are in, we give our hearts on the field; Dijana Mugoša: We felt that this was ours

Reactions of the "lionesses" after the great victory over Hungary

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Photo: Boris Pejović
Photo: Boris Pejović

With a great victory over Hungary (24:18), Montenegrin handball players took a huge step towards the quarter-finals of the 26th World Championship.

Tatjana Brnović was phenomenal in the rampart in front of Marta Batinović, who was in an extremely good mood, and the Hungarians will probably study for a long time how she broke their defense. She finished the match with seven goals, forcing three sevens and two exclusions.

"We are very happy, no matter what team we are in, we give our hearts on the field, and now we had an additional dose of patience, determination and concreteness. I am proud of all the girls".

Hungary scored 74 goals in the first two rounds, 18 tonight.

"From the start, we wanted to show that it would be a tough match. The Hungarians have a very high-quality team, which plays good handball, but we made it clear to them from the start that this plan would not work. We made very strong, but also fair, sporting fouls".

With a win on Thursday, Montenegro would practically secure a place in the quarterfinals if the rival is Croatia (and it will be if they don't beat home Sweden tomorrow).

"I wouldn't worry about it. And so far, we've been going game by game, as cliché as it sounds. Every two points at the World Cup are important, they can change everything. The next match is our main goal", said Brnović.

One of the heroines was Dijana Mugoša, who was the most effective with eight goals.

"It was really demanding, emotional, fighting, we literally understood this as the final. We came out with the heart of a lion, knowing that we had to win. We felt that this was ours, especially when the second half started. Then we broke the match and came back in the right way. We are too proud".

Ivona Pavićević played in the 2nd half and made a great contribution, especially in defense.

"We believed in victory even before the start. We fought, we were real lionesses and we deserved to win. The match was too difficult, but we did our best."

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