Matea Pletikosić: Now everyone will be afraid of us

One of the heroines of the victory over Hungary (24:18), emotional in the mix zone

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Matea Pletikosić in a duel with Nikoleta Pap, Photo: Tibor Illyes/ MTI via AP
Matea Pletikosić in a duel with Nikoleta Pap, Photo: Tibor Illyes/ MTI via AP

As the World Cup progresses, Bojana Popović is adapting and shuffling the cards in the back positions, especially on the right side.

Đurđina Malović started against Cameroon, so she replaced Tanja Ivanović and was the starter in the duel with Paraguay and tonight against Hungary.

But, she quickly earned two exclusions, was ineffective in the attack, so the coach decided to send Matea Pletikosić to that side, who was very good in her position of middle back in the first two matches.

In the duel with Hungary, she was one of the heroes of the reversal that will be remembered - she scored four goals, recorded six assists and created five more opportunities for her teammates that were not used.

"Who wouldn't be happy after a victory like this? When you beat Hungary with such a margin, when you play such a good defense and you have Marta who defends everything, nobody can be happier than us", said the 25-year-old who is playing great this season in the Romanian Corona.

Montenegro transfers the maximum four points to the main stage, the quarterfinals are very close.

"We dreamed from the beginning, but we needed to prove it. I think that we have shown what we can do and that now everyone will be afraid of us and analyze us well", said Pletikosić.

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