Marina Rajčić: We dream of Paris, but with equal focus we want to finish the qualifications for the European Championship

Tomorrow (Wednesday, 15:11) Montenegrin handball players will play in Turkey in the penultimate round of European qualification - after that they will have a duel with Bulgaria in Podgorica, and from April XNUMX, Olympic qualification in Ulm

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Marina Rajčić, Photo: IHF
Marina Rajčić, Photo: IHF
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London, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo... Three times the "lionesses" were part of the Olympic story, and when history was written like in the capital of the United Kingdom or it didn't quite work out like in Brazil, she was always there with a great desire to he leads the country to victory.

From April 11 to 14, Montenegrin handball players will fight for their fourth appearance at the Olympic Games, just like Marina Rajcic.

"Going to another Olympic Games is a dream," said Marina.

Before the pre-Olympic tournament in Ulm, the "lionesses" expect two matches in the finals of the qualification for the European Championship - tomorrow (Wednesday, 15 p.m.) against Turkey in Rize and on Sunday against Bulgaria in Podgorica. The ticket to the Euro has long been in the pocket, but there is no relaxation.

"Of course, we concentrate more on Ulm, because those games are very important to us and the stakes are much higher, but we must not approach the matches with Turkey and Bulgaria with less focus, because we have to stay healthy," added Marina.

Rivals in Ulm (Germany, Slovenia and Paraguay) have certainly been scanned for a long time...

"We got the material on time, we don't do anything in a hurry. Now we are thinking about how to stack the dice against Turkey and Bulgaria for next week," emphasized the goalkeeper of Montenegro.

"Lionesses" had no problems against the last two rivals in the Euro qualifiers during the first matches - Turkey was defeated in Podgorica (39:23) and Bulgaria in Shumen (34:20).

"We don't have an easy job ahead of us, even though the opponents are easier than in Germany. They will be two demanding games, because we have to prepare well for what awaits us in the qualification tournament for the Olympic Games. We have to stay healthy in order to go to Ulm completely ready," Marina concluded.

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