Biden after Chiefs win: Just like we drew

The US president's response to conspiracy theories that the outcome of the Super Bowl was fixed

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Biden, Photo: Reuters
Biden, Photo: Reuters
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The presidential race in the United States of America got its episode at the NFL Super Bowl...

After the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco Fortnighters (25:22) in the Vince Lombardi Cup match, US President Joseph Biden sent an interesting message on the X social network.

"Just as we drew".

Many may have been surprised by such an announcement by the first man of the USA, but it was actually just Biden's way of making fun of the conspiracy theories that followed even the Super Bowl, writes the "New York Post".

Before the clash between the Chiefs and the Fortnighters, there was a theory that the outcome of this match was already known and that Kansas City would defend the title so that later (seemingly inevitable) Taylor Swift would support Biden in the presidential race.

The globally popular pop singer is known to be the girlfriend of Chiefs player Travis Kelce, and according to polls in the US, she could become the "biggest and most influential" supporter of the Biden campaign, especially among younger voters.

By the way, Biden's announcement was accompanied by the meme "Dark Brandon" - the president of the USA with red eyes.

"Dark Brandon" became a trademark of Biden's campaign, after first being called that by his opponents.

And everything is connected with the password "Let's go Brandon" which actually became a coded message for "F*** Joe Biden".

The curse was created during one of the auto-moto races in the state of Alabama when Brandon Brown was celebrating.

As he made his post-race statement, fans behind him chanted "F*** Joe Biden," and an NBC sports reporter thought they were saying "Let's go Brandon," so he relayed their chant.

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