Six medals for Montenegrin karate players: Zlatni Dulović, Mikulić and Bjelajac

Balkan karate championship

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Photo: KSCG
Photo: KSCG
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On the second competitive day of the Balkan Championship in Podgorica, Montenegrin karate players won six medals - three gold, one silver and two bronze.

The champions of the Balkans became Ognjen Bjelajac (up to 60 kilograms), Nenad Dulović (up to 67) and Nemanja Mikulić (up to 75).

The fight for the gold medal was lost to Nikola Malović with 84, while the bronze winners were Ognjen Otašević (up to 60) and Nemanja Jovović (over 84).

The surprise came from Bjelajac, who beat the official world champion Kristos-Stefanos Xenos 5:4 in the final match.

On the way to the final, the talented karate player Omladinc eliminated Aljbinot Seljmani from Kosovo 4:0, Croatian No Rumenjak 2:0, Faik Veselji from North Macedonia 3:2 and in the semi-final fight Isljam Seljmani from Kosovo 1:1.

"My first gold medal at the Balkan senior championship. I had four matches, against extremely high-quality competitors, and in the final I beat the official world champion," said Bjelajac.

The top quality was once again confirmed by Dulović, who defeated the experienced Stefan Joksić from Serbia 6:1 in the final.

The vice-champion of the world won the fight for the gold with victories against Croatian Antoni Grgić 7:0, Đorđe Grubić from Serbia 1:0 and Macedonian Emil Pavlov, two-time champion of Europe, 2:0.

"A good test for the European Championship. I hope it won't be the only one. After the national championship, I will take a little break to heal some injuries. I hope for the best at the European Championship, and until then everything is just training," Dulović said.

Nemanja Mikulić has a magnificent talent and great potential, who in the final match was convincing against the Slovenian Jake Gal 5:0.

On the way to the gold medal, he was better than Petr Zaborski from North Macedonia 7:2, Croatian Ivan Martinac 6:1, Aleksandar Topuzović 10:1, and in the semi-finals Betim Malići from Kosovo 4:2.

"I'm satisfied with how I did in the championship, and I won the gold after five victories. The continuity of good results continues, but let's move on, the European Championship in Zadar is waiting for us," Mikulić said.

In the final match, Malović lost to former European and world champion, Croatian Ivan Kvesić 6:1.

Defeat in the gold match did not spoil the impression of the good performance of Onogošt from Nikšić, who defeated Vladimir Brezančić from Serbia 1:0, Enes Garibović from Croatia 4:2 and Albanian Melos Gashi 7:1 on the way to the final.

Otašević lost to Bjelajc in the semi-finals, and in the match for the bronze, he beat the other player from the national team, Matija Bojić, 3:2.

Jovović won the medal match against Đorđe Tešanović from Serbia 3:1.

Previously, in the third round, he lost to the two-time European champion, Croatian Anđelo Kvesić 1:0.

Before the last day of competition, Montenegro has eight medals - four gold, one silver and three bronze.

Vladimir Mijač won the gold medal in kata, while Milena Jovanović won the bronze medal in wrestling, in the category over 68 kilograms.

Igor Dijanić also had a successful performance yesterday, who won a bronze medal in the competition of veterans over 45 years old (category over 85 kilograms).

Team competitions in katas and fights are scheduled for tomorrow.

The championship in the Verde hall gathered 298 competitors from 13 countries, members of the Balkan Karate Federation.

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