Kurjaci unmatched at the start of the season, Žarković both victories in the first tournament of the taekball league

The Podgorica racquetball tandem, Kurjaci - Marko Žarković and Andrija Jovanović, won the first tournament of the Winter Tour of the Montenegrin racquetball league (MTL), Žarković also celebrated in singles against Jovanović in the final

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Unrivaled Kurjaci at the first of three MTL League Winter Tournaments, Photo: Tekbol Association of Montenegro
Unrivaled Kurjaci at the first of three MTL League Winter Tournaments, Photo: Tekbol Association of Montenegro
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The Podgorica takball tandem, Kurjaci, are the winners of the first tournament of the Winter Tour of the Montenegrin takball league (MTL).

Kurjaci in tandem, Marko Žarković and Andrija Jovanović, and at the beginning of the 2024 season, they fought in the final with great rivals, the Stroj team, and celebrated with 2:0..

Žarković also celebrated in the singles, in the final against Jovanović (12:7, 12:11), so the successful start of the year for the most successful Montenegrin players was completed.

At the MTL tournament yesterday at the Sports and Cultural Center of the University of Montenegro in Podgorica, there were a record 36 entries, and Kurjaci were at a high level and celebrated in the final against Stroj (Željko Janković - Veljko Ljumović).

Ljumović was eliminated from Žarković in the singles semifinals after an exciting match 12:9, 12:11.

"We trained hard during the break, so these results are not a surprise for us. The most difficult match for me was in the singles final against my teammate, Andrija, because we play together every day and know each other's game very well," said the two-time champion of the first winter MTL tournament.

There was a lot of excitement in the semi-finals of the doubles competition - "Stroj" after a reversal was better than "PG Teqers", consisting of Vaso Pejović and Nikola Popović 2:1 (8:12, 12:11, 12:9), and the Bjelopolje team The fighter was again among the top four teams - Samir Fetić and Dino Hasanović were stopped by Kurjaci in two sets, 12:4, 12:7.

The MTL winter tour has already proven to be the right move by the Montenegrin Taekbol Association, due to the record number of participants, the president of the Association, Milorad Šutulović, points out.

"The first of three tournaments of the Winter Tour is a confirmation that the idea of ​​starting the competition even before spring and more favorable weather conditions for outdoor play was great. For the tournament in Podgorica, we had 36 entries, of which 20 were in doubles. Football clubs also participated from Podgorica - OFK Mladost, Kom, Zabjelo, who last year received a donation of TEQ equipment in the form of tables and balls from the Secretariat for Sports of the Capital City. We believe that the interest in taekbol will continue to grow among football players, where the key base for development of this sport," emphasized Šutulović and added:

"In addition to the participants from Montenegro, we also had competitors from other countries, who showed enviable knowledge, and we are really especially glad that through the inclusion of competitors from war-affected areas in the project, we showed that the Taekbol Association has an inclusive mission.", he said. is Šutulović.

The second tournament of the winter MTL tour will be held in SC "Igalo" in Herceg Novi, on March 30, and Bijelo Polje will be the last stop of the first part of the season of the Montenegrin Taekball League, on April 27.

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