For the weekend start of the athletics season

Everything starts from Nikšić and Bar

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Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
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The athletics season in Montenegro will officially begin with the national championship in cross-country, on Saturday in Nikšić and the Winter Throwing Cup, on Sunday in Bar, the Athletics Association announced.

It is stated that Saturday's cross country will bring together all age categories.

Races are planned for cicibank women in the 600, ciciban and younger pioneer women in the 800, younger pioneers and older pioneer women in the 1000, older pioneers and younger junior women in the 1.500, younger juniors and older junior women will run 2.000, while older juniors, younger women will compete in the three thousand meters senior women and men.

Junior seniors will run 4.000 meters, and seniors and veterans will run 6.000 meters.

The start of the cross country is scheduled for Saturday at 11 am.

A day later, at the same time in Bar, the Winter Throwers' Cup will begin in the disciplines of shot put, javelin, hammer and discus in the categories of younger and older juniors and seniors, in men's and women's competition.

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