Wonderful time in Eugene - Beatrice Cebet to the world record as the first lady under 29 minutes at 10.000

The great Kenyan improved the previous record by almost seven seconds

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Beatrice Cebet, Photo: Reuters
Beatrice Cebet, Photo: Reuters
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What a weather in Eugene, what a feat of a girl from Kenya... Beatrice Chebet is the new world record holder in the 10.000 meters race.

The great athlete, who ran this section for the first time since 2020, became the first lady in history to run 10 kilometers under 29 minutes.

Čebet reached the world record during the meeting of the Diamond League in Eugene in a time of 28:54,14 minutes. She thus improved the previous record of Letesenbet Gidi (29:01,03) from 2021 by almost seven seconds.

"My goal has always been to run the 5.000, so this is even better - I felt great during the race," Cebet said.

She also ran on "Hayward Field" two years ago when she won a silver medal in the 5.000. At the same distance last summer in Budapest, she won bronze.

With a great result, Beatrice managed to compete in the 10.000 at the Olympic Games in Paris.

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