Leclerc wonders on the streets of Monte Carlo: Ferrari is the best in the Principality after seven years

The race was marked by an incident in which Red Bull driver Sergio Peres was very lucky

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Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters
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Finally, Charles Leclerc - he celebrated for the first time in his career on his track, in the race for the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Ferrari pilot reached the sixth victory of his career in Formula 1 after control on the streets of Monte Carlo, after the race was stopped almost 45 minutes after the accident involving Red Bull driver Sergio Peres and the Haas tandem - Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg.

Second place was won by McLaren's Oskar Piastri, who was almost nine seconds late, and Carlos Sainz made sure that the Scuderia was more satisfied.

The Spaniard, along with Leclerc, is the absolute winner of the race, because he profited from the incident at the beginning of the race.

Then he had contact with Pjastri, damaged the tires, and then made a mistake, which cost him several positions.

However, anything bad that happened to Sainz was canceled out as the red flags were raised before all the drivers had completed the first sector. Thus, the order remained the same as at the beginning of the race, and Ferrari celebrated in Monte Carlo for the first time in seven years - since 2017 and Sebastian Vettel's triumph.

Lando Norris (McLaren) had the fourth best time, Mercedes' George Russell was fifth, and Max Verstappen, the current champion from Red Bull, was sixth.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), Yuki Tsunoda (Honda), Alex Albon (Williams) and Pierre Gasly (Alpin) were also in the points zone.

In the general classification, Verstappen leads with 169 points, ahead of Leclerc with 138, Norris (113) and Sainz (108)...

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