Rafa times two equals Nola, Djokovic takes another record from Federer

Novak Djokovic secured 418 weeks at the top of the ATP rating, Rafael Nadal spent 209 weeks on it

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Icons on the flight "over the pond", Photo: Instagram/djokernole
Icons on the flight "over the pond", Photo: Instagram/djokernole
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The decision not to vaccinate cost Novak Djokovic years of not playing on the American tour, but the restrictions have been removed, and this year he will perform at the Masters in Indian Wells.

In a good mood, the first racket of the world flew "across the pond" in the company of the biggest rival, the Spaniard Rafael Nadal.

Nadal himself does not hide: "The numbers are clear, Novak is the most successful tennis player of all time".

And the fact that Djokovic will surely be the first by April 1st means that he will spend 418 weeks at the head of the ATP list, which is twice as many as Nadal - 209.

In the meantime, the other tennis player, the injured Carlos Alcaras and the third-ranked Italian Janik Siner, did not register their participation in the tournaments, but the Serbian ace almost certainly secured the leading position until April 8 - 419 weeks.

Then he will be the oldest first racket in the world - 36 years and 322 days, two days older than the Swiss Roger Federer.

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