"Sharks" are going to the Olympic Games: Montenegro scheduled a quarter-final duel with Spain over Romania

Our water polo players celebrated 12:9 in the crucial duel for placement in Paris

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Ažurirano: 11.02.2024. 18:33h
16: 36h

For the fifth time in history, Montenegrin water polo players will participate in the Olympic Games.

After Beijing, London, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, our national team is going to Paris after struggling to reach the quarter-finals of the World Championship.

The "Sharks" oscillated just like the matches in the group, and the visa for the City of Light was checked through Romania - it was 12:9 in a game that was definitely decided only at the end of the penultimate minute.

The importance influenced our selection to open the game very poorly, especially in defense.

In the first quarter, Romania hit five out of six shots and had a three-goal advantage on two occasions (4:1, then 5:2).

At the end of that period, Vladimir Gojković's team reduced the score to 5:3 through Konstantin Averka, and then continued the series and took the lead for the first time - 7:6.

Later on, Montenegro mostly wondered, Petar Tešanović also defended himself, but the problem was in front of Romania's goal, because our team could not "break" the opponent when it was obvious that they were much better.

Chances to go to plus three were missed, so the game was reopened when Jonut Neamcu reduced the score to 10:9 six and a half minutes before the end.

Vlado Popadić had a key role at that moment. First, he stopped the center of Romania in an opportunity to equalize, then launched a counterattack and a few seconds later shook the net for 11:9 with a little more than four minutes to go.

Montenegro then repelled the onslaught of the opponent, and Dušan Matković put an end to the uncertainty 64 seconds before the end when he made the final score 12:9.

Montenegrin water polo players will play Spain in the quarter-finals on Tuesday (14 p.m.). It is known to whom the role of favorite belongs in that meeting, but I guess the "sharks" - now that the issue surrounding the Olympic Games has finally been resolved - will show more than was the case in the first four games at the championship in Doha.

MONTENEGRO - ROMANIA 12:9 (3:5, 4:2, 2:2, 3:1)

Doha - "Aspire home". Spectators: 200. Judges: György Kun (Hungary), Alessandro Severo (Italy). Player more: 7 (4), Romania 6 (3). Peterci: Montenegro 1 (1).

Montenegro: Lazović, Brguljan, Perković 3, Averka 3, Mačić 1, Popadić 1, Vidović, Ukropina 2, Spaić, Matković 1, V. Radović 1, Tešanović (13 saves), Vujović.

Romania: Cik (eight saves), Lutescu, Fulea 3, Vranceanu, Prioteasa, Cepelus 1, Oanca 1, Kolodrovski 1, Đorđesku 2, Vančik, Dragušin, Neamcu 1.

Change: 18:33 p.m
16: 29h

Montenegro defeated Romania 12:9 - it reached the quarterfinals of the World Championship and secured a place at the Olympic Games.

16: 28h

Matković made it 64:12 9 seconds before the end, Montenegro is on its way to victory and qualification to the Olympic Games.

16: 25h

Two and a half minutes to the end, Montenegro leads 11:9 and has an attack. Gojković asked for a time-out.

16: 22h

Popadić did everything - he defended himself, countered and scored for 11:9.

16: 19h

The German retaliated, and that at the end of the attack - Montenegro leads 10:9.

16: 17h

Ukropin took advantage of the five-pointer forced by Mačić - our selection leads 10:8.

16: 15h

The last quarter has begun - Montenegro must win to qualify for the Olympic Games.

16: 14h

Montenegro leads 9:8 before entering the last quarter.

16: 13h

Montenegro missed several chances to get to plus three, then the Romanians scored and reduced the score to 9:8.

16: 06h

For the first time in the match, there is plus two - Montenegro leads 9:7, Ukropin scored.

16: 04h

Vasilije Radović found a shot to the net - 8:7 "sharks" lead.

16: 03h

Another tie - 7:7, the scorer is Fule.

16: 00h

Romania has the first attack in the third quarter.

15: 59h

The "Sharks" have a goal advantage (7:6) after two quarters, after losing 5:3 after the first eight minutes.

15: 53h

Montenegro's first lead - after 12 minutes of play. Averka scored the third goal, the "sharks" have 7:6.

15: 52h

Perković's third goal, on a pass from Ukropina in an attack with a player more - 6:6.

15: 51h

Romania leads again, Djordjeska is the scorer for 6:5.

15: 49h

"Shark" series 3:0 and tie - 5:5 after a goal by Mačić.

15: 47h

Averka's second goal - now it's 5:4 for Romania.

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