BLOG "At least 13.300 Palestinians killed since conflict began"

Clash between Israeli army and Hamas - 44th day

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Gaza, Photo: Reuters
Gaza, Photo: Reuters
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A Yemeni Houthi military official, Major General Ali Al Moshki, said after the hijacking of a ship in the Red Sea and its international crew, that Israeli ships are legitimate targets anywhere.

"For us, Israeli ships are legitimate targets anywhere and we will not hesitate to take action," Moski told Al-Masira Group TV station. The Houthis, who have declared themselves part of the "axis of resistance" of Iran's allies and proxies, also launched a series of drones and missiles at Israel, reports Arab News.


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The Israeli army (IDF) said it found a facility under a mosque in the Zeytun neighborhood of Gaza City that the Palestinian militant group Hamas allegedly uses to manufacture rockets, the Times of Israel reports.

"The mosque, in the Zeytun area, was used as a laboratory for making weapons," IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari told a news conference.


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Israel's military said today it has interrogated more than 300 members of Hamas and other extremist organizations captured in Gaza during the ground invasion and that they have revealed the locations of underground tunnels, weapons caches and the use of civilian infrastructure.

A senior military official said each interrogation leads to the discovery of a new location and intelligence.

Israel claims that Hamas has built an underground command center under the al-Shifa compound, the largest and best equipped in Gaza. Hamas and health officials deny this, AP reported.

An anonymous Israeli official said its intelligence Unit 504 has made thousands of phone calls to Gazans and dropped millions of leaflets, urging them to evacuate to the southern part of the territory as Israeli forces attack targets in the north.

In the south of Israel, there is a detention center where prisoners from the Gaza Strip are brought for interrogation.

They also discovered the methods of operations of extremist organizations.

The Israeli military released three videos showing the captives describing how they hid in hospitals, the Red Crescent building and other health facilities, while Hamas is using those places to fight the Israeli army.

The unit has received thousands of phone calls from Palestinians who are willing to provide information, according to Israeli media.

The anonymous official said that the dissatisfaction of the residents of the Gaza Strip with Hamas is obvious and that ordinary people understand that the organization is bringing disaster to the citizens of Gaza from which it will be difficult to recover.


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The United States believes that an agreement on the release of hostages held by Hamas in the middle of the conflict with Israel is getting closer, White House national security spokesman John Kirby said today, according to Reuters.

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A UN protectorate in Gaza after the war would not be a solution, the Secretary General of the world organization said today, and advocated a "transition" in which more actors would be involved, such as the USA and Arab countries.

"This tragedy can turn into an opportunity, and for that to be possible, it is necessary that after the war we move decisively and irreversibly towards a solution," Antonio Guterres told reporters.

This is accomplished through a strengthened Palestinian Authority taking over responsibilities in Gaza, he said.

"But the Palestinian Authority cannot come to Gaza with Israeli tanks," he added and said the international community should provide for a transitional period.

"I don't think the UN protectorate in Gaza is the solution. I think we need a multi-stakeholder approach, in which different countries, different entities would cooperate," he said.

He specified that among the actors would be the USA, which would be the guarantor of Israel's security, and Arab countries from the region that are necessary for the Palestinians.

"The whole world needs to come together to create the conditions for a transition period that will allow a strengthened Palestinian Authority to take over responsibilities in Gaza," he said.

Guterres once again condemned the violation of international humanitarian law and the protection of civilians in Gaza.


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At least 13.300 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since October 7, according to a statement issued today by the Hamas-run government media office in Gaza, reports Reuters.

The death toll includes 5.600 children and 3.550 women, the announcement states, adding that at least 6.500 people are missing, of which 4.400 are women and children.

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The head of the World Health Organization said on the social media platform IKS (X) on Monday that 12 premature babies rescued from Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza have been flown to Cairo, Reuters reports.

Earlier today, doctors transferred 28 premature babies across Gaza's border with Egypt after they were rescued from a hospital in the northern part of the enclave, which has been the main focus of Israeli bombing.

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US President Joe Biden said he believes an agreement to release hostages held by Hamas in Gaza is close, reports Reuters.

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Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who was re-elected to the post last Sunday, will travel to Israel and the Palestinian territories on Thursday, his office said in a statement, Reuters reports.

Sánchez will travel together with his Belgian counterpart Alexandre de Croix, who represent the current and upcoming rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, respectively.

Both leaders will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the statement added.

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Turkey will not allow the issue of Israel's nuclear weapons to be removed from the global agenda, President Tayyip Erdogan said, attributing European support for Israel to what he called "the shame of the Holocaust," Reuters reports.

Speaking after a cabinet meeting, Erdogan said the West was trying to "justify" what he said were Israel's war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza, adding that Western countries had a "fraternity of lies" with Israel that he called "shameful".

"The shame of the Holocaust has literally taken European leaders hostage," he said. "We, as Turkey, will not allow the issue of Israeli nuclear energy to be forgotten," Erdogan added.

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The families of hostages taken by Palestinian extremists to the Gaza Strip today asked Israeli lawmakers not to consider a law on the death penalty for convicted Palestinian extremists, including those involved in the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7 when the hostages were kidnapped, Beta agency reports.

Families representing some of the 240 people abducted that day told Israel's public security minister, the far-right Itamar Ben-Gvir, that such a law could anger Hamas and put the lives of their relatives at risk.

"Not now when the lives of our loved ones are at stake, when the sword is at their necks," said Gil Dickman, whose relative is being held captive in Gaza, during a hearing in the Israeli parliament (Knesset).

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The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah announced that on November 20 it targeted troops in the north of Israel with drones, artillery and missiles, reports AFP.

On the border between Israel and Lebanon, fire has been exchanged daily since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas on October 7.

Hezbollah fighters targeted soldiers in northern Israel "with three attack drones," the Iran-backed group said in a statement, adding later that it also targeted soldiers in the area with artillery fire.

Earlier in the day, Hezbollah said it had fired "Burkan rockets" at an Israeli barracks, and also claimed to have carried out a number of other attacks on Israeli positions.

The Israeli military said that "three unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) were identified in the attack next to" the military position without specifying where. It was added that "no injuries were reported".

The statement said that "25 launches from Lebanon were identified towards several locations near the border", and added that the air defense "intercepted a number of launches, and the rest fell in open areas".

(Radio Free Europe)

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Equipment for the field hospital, the first of its kind since the beginning of the war, was delivered today to the Gaza Strip, which has been bombarded by the Israeli army for 45 days, according to health officials in the Palestinian territory.

Forty trucks of equipment and 170 Jordanian caregivers and technicians entered Gaza from Egypt via the Rafah border crossing, the only exit to the world in the Strip that is not under Israeli control.

The Hamas government says that around 30.000 people are currently wounded in Gaza. 13.000 people died, two-thirds of them were women and children.

"The hospital will be set up in Khan Younis because the situation is catastrophic in the hospitals in the south, which receive hundreds of wounded every day due to constant aerial bombardment and artillery fire," the director general of hospitals in the Gaza Strip, Muhammad Zakut, told Agence France-Presse.

It was announced that two more Polish hospitals from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar could arrive in Gaza.

More than 1.200 people died in Israel, mostly civilians, most of them in attacks by Hamas on the first day of the war on October 7.

After the attack, Israel vowed to destroy Hamas, and first they attacked that small, densely populated Palestinian territory from the air, and on October 27, a ground offensive was launched.

According to the Ministry of Health there, more than 5.500 children were among the dead in the Gaza Strip.

Several hospitals were directly targeted in the attacks, which drew sharp criticism from part of the international community.

Israel claims that Islamic extremist Hamas uses hospitals to store weapons and prepare for war, which the organization denies.

Because of this, the World Health Organization (WHO) assessed that Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest in the Gaza Strip, has become a "death zone".


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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Retno Marsudi, condemned the Israeli "attack" on the Indonesian hospital in Gaza today, Reuters reports.

"The attack is a clear violation of international humanitarian law. All countries, especially those with close relations with Israel, must use all their influence and capabilities to encourage Israel to stop its crimes," she said in a statement.

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The first group of premature babies who were evacuated from a hospital in the Gaza Strip were flown to Egypt for treatment on Monday, according to live footage on Egypt's Al Cairo television, Reuters reports.

Dozens of babies are expected to transfer, the Palestinian Red Crescent and Al Cairo TV said.

The newborns were at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, where several more babies died as a result of the collapse of medical services, caused in part by a power outage when fuel ran out.

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China is advocating for the re-establishment of peace in the Middle East, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said today, adding that there is a "humanitarian disaster" in Gaza.

"We are working together to quickly calm the situation in Gaza and restore peace to the Middle East as soon as possible," Wang told a delegation of diplomats from Arab or Muslim-majority countries.

According to him, "a humanitarian disaster is unfolding in Gaza".

"The situation in Gaza affects every country in the world, calling into question the concept of good and evil, as well as the fundamental principles of humanity," said the head of Chinese diplomacy in front of officials from the Palestinian Authority, Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

"The international community must act urgently and take effective measures to prevent the spread of this tragedy," Wang added.


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Today, Israeli forces are "expanding" their operations against Hamas in the north of the Gaza Strip, Agence France-Presse reported.

Fighting took place yesterday in the center of Gaza City. Israeli tank fire responded to Palestinian fighters' rocket launchers, and airstrikes intensified in the evening.

According to the Hamas Ministry of Health, 41 members of one family were killed in an Israeli attack in Jabalia.

The Palestinian Wafa agency reported an overnight attack on an Indonesian hospital, north of Gaza City.

The Israeli military said it continues to "expand its operations in new areas of the Gaza Strip," particularly in the Jabalia sector.

An army statement said five Israeli soldiers were killed, bringing the death toll in Gaza to 64 since the start of the war.


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The Hamas-run Gaza health ministry has accused Israeli forces of putting thousands of displaced people, injured civilians and medical staff in a "circle of death" as a result of "direct and repeated targeting of an Indonesian hospital", the BBC reports.

The outlet reports that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have yet to comment specifically on the alleged attack, but say they are still targeting "terrorists" and "terrorist infrastructure" in Gaza.

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Israeli tanks moved to an Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza, where, as reported, a dozen people were killed in this morning's Israeli attacks, the BBC reports.

The hospital's director, Marwan Al-Sultan, told the BBC that the Israeli army was about 20 meters from the building.

He said earlier that he heard gunfire all around and that the post-operative care ward had been hit.

The latest statement by the Israeli army did not refer to the action near the hospital. It states, as the BBC reports: "IDF troops continue to operate in the Gaza Strip, directing aircraft to attack terrorists, terrorist infrastructure and locating weapons and military equipment."

It is also said that three Hamas commanders were killed.

And the Reuters agency reports, citing the Ministry of Health in Gaza, that Israeli tanks were positioned around the hospital complex in northern Gaza, where 12 Palestinians were killed and dozens wounded.

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The United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights said he was "appalled by the horrific events of the last 48 hours in Gaza".

Folker Turk appeared to be referring to Israeli strikes on the Jabaliya refugee camp on Saturday, which also hit a UN-run school, officials in the area said, the BBC reported.

"The killing of so many people in schools that have been converted into shelters, amid the escape of hundreds from Al-Shifa Hospital and the ongoing displacement in southern Gaza, completely contradicts the protection of civilians required by international law," Turk wrote on the X network.

"How much more violence, bloodshed and misery will it take before people come to their senses? How many more civilians will be killed? This must stop. Humanity must come first. A humanitarian and human rights ceasefire is desperately needed. Now." , he said.

(Radio Free Europe)

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