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The "Vijesti.me" portal, in addition to the above, also publishes advertising messages from advertisers, free content and links to other websites. The user uses all the contents of the "Vijesti.me" portal at his own risk. The portal is not responsible for the truthfulness and quality of the content of advertising messages. The portal may contain links to other sites, which are set up in good faith and as a convenience for users, and the "Vijesti.me" portal does not control such links nor is it responsible for their content. The terms of use apply to all content and services as well as to all users of the "Vijesti.me" portal.

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The revocation of consent will not affect the legality of the processing carried out by Daily press doo before the revocation of consent.

Author's i property rights

The "Vijesti.me" portal also invites users and enables users to cooperate in the form of publishing author's texts and other author's content. By submitting author's text and other author's content to the "Vijesti.me" portal, the user transfers all copyright and property rights to the "Vijesti.me" portal. which reserves the right to reproduce and distribute, free of charge and without time and space limitations. The author guarantees that the content is exclusively his property. In case of any requests from third parties, the contributor who sent the material undertakes to compensate the "Vijesti on-line" portal for any form of damage caused by the publication of the material. The user retains the moral copyright. The "Vijesti on-line" portal is the owner of the author's and related rights to the published contents, as well as to the database and program code of the portal.Forbidden je use content portal "Vijesti. Me" without previously obtained permits owner rights.Any unauthorized use of the content of the "Vijesti.me" portal is punishable and the owner of the rights in accordance with the Law on Copyright and Related Rights has the right to protection against unauthorized use as well as compensation for damage caused by unauthorized use. Transferring the content of the "Vijesti.me" portal is permitted with prior the acquisition approval of the rights owner, with mandatory citation of the source or linking of the original content of the "Vijesti.me" portal.

Video contents

The portal is not responsible for the legality and violation of copyright regarding recordings and content hosted on sites such as YouTube, Google, Yahoo, and others... Therefore, if there are recordings that you believe violate copyright, please contact the sites at hosting such videos and report them to have them removed.

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The portal "Vijesti.me" is obliged to respect the anonymity and privacy of its users. In accordance with the law, the portal can collect certain data about users obtained during the use of the portal, such as e-mail address, first and last name, data about the computer and internet provider. The portal undertakes to protect privacy, except in the case of a serious violation of the portal's rules or illegal user activities. The "Vijesti.me" portal reserves the right to change or modify the rules and conditions of use of the portal without notice. The "Vijesti.me" portal will inform about changes and inform users of the additions to the rules of the portal by publishing them on the portal or via e-mail. The portal also reserves the right to market the content it creates through email newsletters to users who are registered on the site. 

Our website also uses the Facebook App + "Connect" function to simplify the registration process for users who already have Facebook accounts, and the collected data (e-mail address, first name, last name) is used to create an account on their website. Users can deactivate their accounts at any time and delete their data, and if they prefer, users can ask for advice or request manual deletion of their data. For more information, advice or manual actions, contact upiti@vijesti.me