The payment institution PaySpot Me has started operations!

We bring new opportunities to over 60 locations throughout Montenegro:

- payment of accounts of natural persons (payment transactions)

- market payment for legal entities

- money transfer within Montenegro

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Photo: PaySpot
Photo: PaySpot
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Bill payment (payment transaction) - PaySpot ME payment institution allows you to pay bills without waiting in lines, at a large number of locations. Payment can be made in cash.

You can pay all your bills at our locations.

Market payment for legal entities - The service was created with a clear goal: to make your business faster, easier and safer.

If your business involves the daily use of cash, a market payment with us is the ideal solution for you.

Money transfer within Montenegro - For quick and easy sending of money within Montenegro, it is here PaySpot Net - your option that enables fast and secure money transactions without the need for a recipient's bank account. In just a few minutes, the money is safely transferred and available to the intended recipient.

PaySpot ME has established business cooperation with Tabacco Shop, Grawe Auto Center and Pay MNE doo, so that you can perform the mentioned services at more of their locations. This established the initial network of agents of the PaySpot ME payment institution

The list of locations is available on the website PaySpot ME

photo: PaySpot

We invite you to become part of the PaySpot ME payment institution and an expert team that sets new standards in payment transactions in Montenegro. Through our expansion and planned extension of services, we are opening doors for ambitious legal entities and entrepreneurs who want to grow together with us. We offer you the opportunity to increase your profits by expanding the range of your services, which will delight existing clients and open the door to completely new ones.

Become a key part of our growing network of agents and together we build the future of the financial sector in Montenegro!

We invite those interested to contact us: +382 69 174 014 or via email:

PaySpot ME is a payment institution that relies on the experience, knowledge and reputation of the company PaySpot DOO Novi Sad from Serbia - the first payment institution that, in addition to the Post Office, had a license for payment transactions in the Republic of Serbia.