Milović: They still haven't told me in writing who the people from OKG are who were on the show

At the working breakfast with journalists, he emphasized that a working group had been formed to relocate the premises of the SDT and the Special Police Department to the old government building.

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Photo: Boris Pejović
Photo: Boris Pejović
Ažurirano: 12.02.2024. 13:56h

Minister of Justice Andrej Milović said that the department is working rapidly to change the legislation in order to deliver results as soon as possible.

The most important legal texts that are currently being worked on, within a short period of time, are the Law on the Judicial Council and Judges, the Law on the State Prosecutor's Office, the Law on the Special State Prosecutor's Office, the Law on Criminal Procedure and the Criminal Code...

At the working breakfast with journalists, he emphasized that a working group was formed to relocate the premises of the SDT and the Special Police Department (SPO) to the old government building.

Milović said that the deadline is two to three months to move out the institutions that are now there, and then to adapt the building for the needs of SDT and SPO.

He mentioned that he will also try to insert the Special Court into that facility, but it remains to be seen how feasible it will be or if a new solution will have to be sought.+

"Trop situation in the security sector"

When asked who is following the Minister of Justice, Milović said that it is "now more than clear".

He said that the problem is how the data from the case is manipulated, mentioning that the head of the SPO Predrag Šuković showed a photo from the international case at the Committee session.

Milović also mentioned his going to celebrate with his friends in Berane, but that this case is proof of "the trope of the situation in the security sector".

He stated that to date he has not received written information from the services, which would have to deal with his protection as a protected person, who are the persons from OKG who were at that celebration.

He replied that he expected such behavior towards him at the Board because he "stabbed in the center".

Milović also mentioned the text published in "Vijesti", in which the information from the secret part of the Board session is stated, stating that it contains "intimate information from his life, and that it is below any level"...

When asked about the trip to Hungary, he said that it was private, that he spent three days there and that he had meetings with investors.

"I have the right to do that, and I also have the right that as the Minister of Justice I have the right to be in some way the ambassador of this country," answered the Minister of Justice.

He did not reveal who the priest was, whom he mentioned that the president of the state, Jakov Milatović, asked him to revise his opinion, in order to make a decision in the pardon procedure.

Milović announced last night in the show on A plus television that Milatović asked him to pardon a priest who committed criminal acts. Milović said that he gave a negative opinion on the case, and that Milatović then asked him to revise the decision.

"I almost received an inquiry from the president of the country because I gave a negative opinion that a priest who committed criminal acts should be pardoned. I believe that you cannot read the liturgy until nine o'clock, and from nine o'clock you can engage in criminal activity, and one priest is that it worked. And I gave a negative opinion, because the Ministry of Justice is being asked for an opinion for a pardon. The president returned it to me and asked me to revise the decision," Milović said.

Milović said that he submitted evidence for everything he talked about to the SDT, stressing that all the accusations against him are based on "politicism"...

He emphasized that he expects the media to deal with the criminal report he submitted to the SDT against the head of the SPO, regarding the suspicious purchase and sale of apartments.

"I haven't seen anyone deal with it, but that's why those who turned green in a deaf room are dealing with it," Milović said.

He reiterated that his team is working on documents that will be sent to the Director of UP, the Minister of Internal Affairs, and the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the security sector, with the question of who gave permission to the head of the SPO to present the information he presented to the Board, with the "sole purpose of criminalizes the Minister of Justice".

The Minister of Justice emphasized that a campaign is being created in the public space against changes to Article 179 of the CPC.

He mentioned that in paragraph 2, the limit of up to three years in complex cases will be deleted in order to speed up the trials and that the parties in the proceedings will not have a motive to procedurally obstruct the proceedings.

The Minister of Justice said that he was "obviously happy after the news about the first verdict in which material from the SKY application was part of the evidence".

"This is a historic moment," Milović said.

He also stated that he hopes that the verdict will be confirmed at higher instances.

The justice reform strategy has three main goals, the public discussion will last until February 13

Director of the Directorate for Justice in the Ministry of Justice, Momir Jauković, talked about the draft strategy for judicial reform from 2024 to 2027.

He said that the Strategy has three basic strategic goals, and the public discussion will last until February 13.

He emphasized that after that he will seek the opinion of the European Commission, and he hopes that this strategic document will be adopted by the Government by the subcommittee in March this year.

The Director of the Directorate for Criminal Legislation, Jelena Grdinić, reiterated that they are working on amendments to the Criminal Code, because the MoJ noticed that this legal text must be moved forward again.

She stated that the meeting of the working group is scheduled for February 16 because it is necessary to revise some other solutions in order to fully harmonize them with European standards.

She emphasized that they are working on changes to the Law on Prevention of Corruption, where the Council of Europe has guidelines in that direction.

Grdinić stated that work is also being done on the Law on Confiscation of Property Benefits and that work is being done on full harmonization with European legislation.

State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Aleksandar Bakrač, stated that the department is busy, stating that every day there is a working group or commission that works on changes to legal solutions.

"We are working on a whole group of laws, which can be said to be similar to new laws in terms of their content. These are the CC and the CPC," Bakrač said.

He mentioned certain legal solutions in Italy regarding detention, which in that country can last up to 9 years for some criminal acts.

The Ministry of Justice has initiated changes to Article 179 of the CPC, which refers to the removal of the limit of the longest duration of detention for the most serious crimes, up to three years from the indictment, if at least a first-instance verdict is not pronounced by then.

He mentioned that the provisions of the Law on the Special Court will be implemented within the Law on the Judicial Council and Judges.

Bakrač pointed out that the will of the experts exists and that the recent visit to Italy is crucial in helping that country and the experts to change the legal solutions.

Abazović, the prime suspect in the case of granting asylum to Telman Ismailov

Regarding the "Do Kwon" affair, he said that the investigation in that case is ongoing, and that he "does not want to create a sensation and violate the secrecy of the proceedings."

He emphasized that "time is masterfully decided and that it will be proven that he is telling the truth"...

Milović said that proceedings are ongoing before the SDT regarding the granting of asylum to Telman Ismailov, and that former Prime Minister Dritan Abazović is "the prime suspect in the case".

He states that "he is personally a target in the case of Binali Čamgoz".

He repeated the health elements, but also the fact that Çamgoz is a Kurd, as the reasons for which he made the decision not to extradite that person to Turkey.

"Actually, the target is me and Prime Minister Spajić," claims Milović.

Minister of Justice that all decisions on non-extradition in Europe caused "controversy" and that the most important thing for him is what Brussels will say about this decision.

"Relations with Turkey will be ironed out, but the most important thing for me is the European path," he said.

Montenegro needs a huge preparation

He stated that the intention is to tighten the penal policy and reduce the range of criminal sanctions for certain crimes.

"Montenegro needs a huge preparation," he said.

He replied that he submitted a complaint against the special prosecutor because he made a decision without taking any action."

It is a case about the calculation of earnings and the large discrepancy in the salaries of criminals and litigants in the Basic Court in Podgorica.

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