Spanish police seize almost a ton of cocaine belonging to the "Balkan cartel"

"The Balkan cartel is currently the most active at the European level," the Spanish police said

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Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock

The Spanish national police in a joint operation with customs officers in the southern port of Algeciras seized almost a ton of cocaine hidden in containers shipped from South America, and the drug belonged to the so-called "Balkan cartel", the police said.

"The Balkan cartel is currently the most active at the European level," it was stated.

The police allege that Latin American groups send cocaine to the cartel hidden among legal goods in containers arriving by ship in Spanish ports.

The action began after a tip about the arrival of a container with a "significant amount of cocaine" in Algeciras, one of the largest ports in Spain, in the province of Andalusia.

The agents, who have been investigating the activities of the "Balkan cartel" for a long time, also had information that this group, made up of citizens from the territory of the former Yugoslavia, was also looking for a way to process that cocaine, Hina agency reports.

At the same time, they received a warning from Colombia that a ship from Ecuador, which has a break in Colombia, intends to transport cocaine to a port in Spain.

Agents identified the ship's number, and when it sailed into Algeciras, investigators opened the containers and found 415 kilograms of the drug.

Based on new information, they found out that another container with drugs was arriving in Algeciras, so they found an additional 500 kilograms of cocaine in it, it was stated in the announcement.

"The difficulty in investigating the members of these organizations lies in their mobility. They are able to travel thousands of kilometers to hold a meeting," the Spanish police said.

"The investigation is continuing in order to identify all the members of the network and arrest them," she added.

So far, it is unknown if anyone was arrested during the discovery of the cocaine container.

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