Germany: Several accidents due to snow and ice, at least four people died

Traffic at Munich Airport, the second largest in the country, is severely disrupted

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Detail from Germany, Photo: Beta/AP
Detail from Germany, Photo: Beta/AP

Snow and ice that gripped most of Germany today caused multiple road accidents that killed at least four people while air traffic was disrupted at Munich airport.

On a highway in southern Bavaria, two men were killed when their vehicle collided with a truck due to freezing rain that made the road very slippery.

Freezing rain caused other, less dangerous accidents in the Munich region, which has been affected by record snowfalls that have paralyzed the city since Saturday.

In eastern Germany, in Saxony, a bus hit a snow removal vehicle and then a tree, killing a 10-year-old child who was on the bus. The driver and a female passenger were seriously injured.

In the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg, a driver was killed when he hit a bus.

Traffic at the airport in Munich, the second largest in the country, is still very disrupted today. Flights at that airport were suspended for most of the weekend due to snow, and today they were suspended again for several hours due to ice.

"There are still very severe air traffic disruptions," the airport's website said this evening. It is indicated that the flight program has been significantly reduced due to extreme weather conditions.

Flight cancellations have piled up since Saturday at that airport, through which many long-haul Lufthansa connections are made, as many travelers blocked abroad write about on their social networks.

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