Russian media: On the second anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine in Moscow, an arrest was made at a gathering of soldiers' wives

SOTAvision reports that two of their reporters are among those detained

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From laying flowers, Photo: Beta/AP
From laying flowers, Photo: Beta/AP
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Today is the second anniversary of the beginning of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, and in Russia the police have arrested several people - two independent Russian media report.

They mostly arrested journalists at a gathering of wives of mobilized Russian soldiers, who are demanding their return from Ukraine.

Every Saturday, women lay flowers at the Eternal Fire for the Unknown Soldier at the Kremlin walls in a symbolic action demanding the return of soldiers from the front.

The police warned the media, including France Press, not to go to those meetings and arrested journalists who ignored the warning.

Video footage from the media Sota i Sotavižn (SOTAvision) shows the police arresting several people, including two in yellow vests with the inscription "Press" in which they came to report on the Sunday rally of the "Put kuci" movement.

SOTAvision reports that two of their reporters are among those detained.

One of the soldiers' wives told the media that the activists of the movement were able to lay flowers but "under control, in the cordon of the forces of law and order".

"In this day and age, even simply laying flowers is not without risk," said the woman.

Another video shows a police officer ordering a journalist from that media outlet as she is being taken into custody to turn off the camera or she will be prosecuted for ignoring the order.

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