Shikorsky: Russia will test NATO's collective defense

"If Putin threatens, if former President Medvedev threatens, then unfortunately I have to believe those threats. We have to prepare for the fact that Russia will try to test security guarantees in NATO."

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Radoslav Šikorski, Photo: Reuters
Radoslav Šikorski, Photo: Reuters
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The head of Polish diplomacy, Radoslav Šikorski, assessed that Russia will try to test the guarantees given by the collective defense of NATO members and that when Russian officials threaten Poland every hour to attack it, he must take those threats seriously.

"If Putin threatens, if ex-president Medvedev threatens, then unfortunately I have to believe those threats. We have to prepare for the fact that Russia will try to test the security guarantees in NATO," Šikorski told a correspondent of the Polish television station TVN24 in the USA.

Earlier on Friday, at the session of the Security Council, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs gave up his prepared speech in an unusually sudden manner and directly addressed the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vasiliy Nebenzja, to point-by-point deny his accusations against the West and Poland.

"Nebenzja says that we are prisoners of Russophobia, but phobia means irrational fear. While we receive threats of nuclear annihilation from the former president of Russia and Putin's propagandists almost every day. I claim that it is not irrational," Šikorski said at the United Nations.

The Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs also corrected historical details from the Russian ambassador's accusations that Poland attacked Russia in World War II, which always only defended itself.

"What is he talking about? The Soviet Union together with Nazi Germany attacked Poland on September 17, 1939. They even organized a triumphal parade together afterwards. He says Russia has always fought only against aggression. What was the Soviet army doing near Warsaw in 1920? Were they on a cartographic expedition?" asked the Russian ambassador Šikorski.

The head of Polish diplomacy also rejected accusations against Ukraine that it is a client of the West and that it is ruled by Nazis.

"Actually Kiev is fighting to be independent. He calls them Nazis. Well, the president is Jewish, the defense minister is Muslim and they have no political prisoners. He says Ukraine is drowning in corruption. Well, Alexei Navalny has documented how clean and his country is full of honesty," Šikorski said.

Today, in an interview with the Polish public TV station TVP, Šikorski admitted that the current situation at the front is in a stalemate, but that he believes that the new aid package of 65 billion dollars, when approved by the US, will lead to a turnaround and give Ukraine wings.

Šikorski added that if the two years of war are generally assessed, Ukraine still achieved an unexpected success.

"If we had talked on the day when the Russian invasion began, I would have looked like an optimist if I had said that the Russians would not succeed in conquering Kiev, that the Ukrainians would go on a counteroffensive and return half of the occupied territories, that they would expel the Russian fleet from half of the Black Sea and that The West should hurry to give enormous help," said Šikorski.

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