One child killed, two seriously wounded in a shooting at a Finnish elementary school

The arrest was made without further violence in the suburb of Siltamaki, far from the school. Both the suspect and the weapon are now under police custody, police said

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One child was killed and two were seriously wounded in a shooting early this morning at an elementary school near the Finnish capital, police said, and the 12-year-old student suspected of the attack was taken into custody.

The injured were taken to the hospital, a police spokesman told Reuters.

The shooting happened at the Viertola school in Vantaa, a suburb of the capital Helsinki.

After the shooting, the police cordoned off the building at the Viertola school.

The arrest was made without further violence in the suburb of Siltamaki, far from the school. Both the suspect and the weapon are now under police custody, police said, as reported by Reuters.

So far, there have been no other suspects, the police said. They did not provide details on the identity of the suspect or the victims, except to say that they were all 12-year-old Finns and students at the school.

Education Minister Ana-Maja Henriksson broke down in tears as she spoke at a press conference hours after the attack.

"A twelve-year-old child will never come home from school again," she said.

Two survivors are being treated for serious injuries, the Helsinki Regional Hospital District said in a statement without giving details.

The suspect admitted to the attack in a preliminary interview, the police said, and the crimes will be investigated as murder and attempted murder.

No one has yet spoken on behalf of the suspect. The suspect will be placed in the care of social services, as the child cannot be detained, the police said.

Police said the motive was unclear. They said the permit for the gun belonged to a relative of the suspect.

Video circulating on social media, which was not verified by Reuters, showed two officers kneeling next to the suspect who was lying face down on the sidewalk.

The school has about 800 students from first to ninth grade and a staff of about 90 people.

"The immediate danger has passed," the director of the Viertola school, Sara Lasila, told Reuters, declining to comment further on the incident.

Anja Hietamies, the mother of the 11-year-old student, told Reuters that she received a message from her daughter after the shooting.

"She said they were in a dark, locked classroom, they weren't allowed to talk on the phone, but they could text," Hietamies said, adding that her daughter was scared.

The interior minister, Mari Rantanen, said on IX: "The day started in a terrible way... I can only imagine the pain and worry that many families are experiencing right now. The suspected perpetrator has been caught."

The prime minister, Peteri Orpo, said the shooting was deeply shocking.

"My thoughts are with the victims, their loved ones and other students and staff," he said on IX.

Finland tightened its gun legislation in 2010, introducing an aptitude test for all firearms license applicants. The minimum age for applicants was also changed to 20 from 18.

Finland tightened its gun laws in 2010, introducing a fitness test for all gun license applicants. The minimum age for candidates has also been changed from 18 to 20 years.

It is too early to draw any legal conclusions from Tuesday's incident, Rantanen said at a news conference.

There are more than 1,5 million licensed firearms and about 430.000 permit holders in the country of 5,6 million people, where hunting and target shooting are popular.

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