British Labor leader: The time has come for change

Keir Starmer said a vote for Labor "is a vote for stability, economic and political".

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Starmer, Photo: Reuters
Starmer, Photo: Reuters
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British Labor leader Keir Starmer, a big favorite in the July 4 general election, said today that the vote will be an "opportunity for change" for Britons after 14 years of Conservative Party rule.

"The time has come for change," said the Labor leader (61), adding that voting for Labor "means voting for stability, economic and political."

British Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said earlier today that parliamentary elections will be held on July 4, ending the months-long wait for an election date.

According to earlier polls, the favorite is the opposition Labor Party. Labor could win around 45 percent of the vote, far ahead of the Conservatives who could win between 20 and 25 percent.

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