Vienna police are looking for Danka: They are trying to find the women from the video with the little girl

The correspondent of RTS from Vienna reports that there are no new details

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Disclaimer: The translations are mostly done through AI translator and might not be 100% accurate.

On the seventh day of the search for two-year-old Danka Ilić from Serbia, the Viennese police joined the investigation, after a video from Vienna appeared yesterday showing two Romanian women with a girl who resembles Danka.

Interpol has also launched a search for Danko.

The RTS correspondent from Vienna, who spoke with the police representative Markos Vitrich, reports that there is no concrete data yet and that it is an ongoing investigation, about which the police cannot provide details.

According to the RTS correspondent, it is not a problem for the police to find the people from the video if they are in Vienna, if they have not already left for Hungary or moved to Romania.

The problem, Wittrich explained, is how the video got to the police.

He notes that a lot of time was lost, around 10 hours, while the video was sent by email to the Serbian police, and only then did the Serbian police contact the Austrian police.

At the same time, on the spa road, near the place where the girl disappeared, an excavator is searching the landfill.

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