Where is Serbia going?

And has the time come to see which side the progressives will take, around which the "white tickets" and the "glorious circle of two" united for the first time in history in 2012?

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Illustration, Photo: Reuters
Illustration, Photo: Reuters
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Kosovo is always going in the direction as if it is going to be solved by Dora Bakojani, an official with a national background like Ahtisaari. At least that's how Aleksandar Vučić sounded at the most aggressive press conference where he talked about the possibility of radical measures - eventual exit from the Council of Europe, or entry into BRICS, where he was called, etc.

Is Serbia at a turning point again? Or has the time come to see which side the progressives around whom the "white tickets" and the "glorious circle of two" united for the first time in history in 2012 will finally go?

Ten years is not a small period to draw the line. Where is Vučićeva? And how he went from being a favorite of Angela Merkel, who had her last visit to Belgrade, to becoming an enemy of the new German government, without serious contacts with the successor in Angela's party, Friedrich Merz. How did the Germans become the biggest promoters of Kosovo's independence from the Americans? And does he have a special relationship with Christopher Hill, the unofficial US ambassador for the Balkans, or are neither of them completely honest, since Vučić still sided with Šešelj, and Hill sided with Holbrook, who pursued a policy of "hugging the enemy", as in the past Reagan Gorbachev.

The problem with Kosovo is strategic. There are only two solutions. Đinđić - the division of Kosovo, with economic reparations, and Kostunica - frozen conflict. Both logical for their ideological views that blocked October 5. Tadić wanted something in between, four pillars on the outside, and two (both Đinđić and Koštuničin) on the inside, although it made sense after Maastricht and the World Economic Crisis, because neither the EU nor the West had anything to offer. Vučić and Nikolić came to power after 20 years in the opposition, not counting the little bit in the shadow of Milošević. The Brussels agreement was signed immediately after he came to power, and since then the process, in a sense Đinđić's, of economic reparations and division has been going on. With Germany behind it.

How did this sudden change come about? From Angela to Dora?

Did the Cold War start, only in reverse, from the Munich Conference in 2007 to raise the Wall with the attack on Ukraine in 2022?

For us, this means that the four-pillar policy no longer exists.

Exactly what happened to Milosevic after he returned from New York where he learned phrases to fascinate Rockefeller, as Borka Vučić told. He started by abolishing autonomy in Vojvodina and Kosovo. Gazimestan. Sanctions to Slovenia, and later to the RS, because we did not impose sanctions on anyone.

And then the move that changes everything!

Rejection of confederation at The Hague. War.

So his end in The Hague.

Today, many people compare Putin with Milosevic, although this is not serious.

First of all, Putin won for 20 years. No matter how much the rhetoric changed, and no matter how much he pushed Russian society into a dictatorship, after centuries of it, he brutally implemented his policy. Chechnya, Georgia, Syria... In the end, he also passed through Crimea.

Like all rulers who have been in power for a long time, he attacks Ukraine.

Three days, so they told him.

And? Two years later, Prigozhin stops in front of Moscow? Intelligence failure in the center of Moscow. He goes to North Korea to beg for weapons. In addition to the Chinese leader, he acts as the leader of a Third World country. Millions of experts move to Serbia and other countries. He cannot win in Ukraine, let alone take Odesa, Kiev no more, with a hostile population that only a few years ago voted for his candidate. NATO, against whom he started everything, won on the northern border, Finland.

The most pacifist Sweden broke its neutrality after 200 years.

We were just playing dead. And they believed that it was a phenomenal policy.

Like after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

A sudden chance to join the EU was not the desire of the current authorities. Not to mention that's why they were brought from Europe, which realized after Ukraine that it had to circle its continent. The Dutch blockade no longer exists. Rama modernized Albania, North Macedonia changed its name, several people remained to be arrested in Montenegro. Only Serbs remain on both sides of the Drina. Served as always.

West or East? Your own continent. Or some far away one that doesn't exist.

Greater Srpska, instead of Greater Serbia.

One club, one leader, one (Serbian) world.

Is this the future of Serbia with Zlatibor as the capital of the imagined Serbian world as imagined by Vulin.

Do we have alternatives? And that we want them? Even Milošević did not believe in the Alliance of Russia, Belarus and Yugoslavia, I don't think even Mir, since even then we were separated from it by the NATO borders, today reinforced by the anti-Russian narrative. I wrote about the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of India, who in front of 22 journalists from Europe, when asked about BRICS, clearly said that the future of the world is the Quad (USA, Japan, Australia and India).

There is no economic development in the technological age without technology.

And the technology is in the West, or as the open Indians continued - with the English with money, as they call the Americans. During that time, Serbia was angry with Dora Bakoyani, the sister of the Greek Prime Minister, although only Greece abstained. Spain, Romania, Slovakia were in favor, since our president accepted the Ohrid Agreement, which he did not sign, but is implementing. Nobody implements something that doesn't exist.

Leaving the Council of Europe would be a suicidal act. Economic March 27.

What if Kosovo joins the UN? Are we going to get out of there, even though the entire Serbian politics has been reduced to a hall on the East River that no one respects anymore?

There are always only two plans for Kosovo, Đinđić's, partition with economic reparations, and Kostunica's, frozen conflict. Vučić went for the first, and wishes for the second

We get angry at the world. We are waiting for Trump as a savior, even though he is the only one who can pay us off. As with the General Staff buildings.

John Jovanovic left Belgrade before he started working there.

You should always be careful what you wish for.

This is a Serbian problem since the breakup of Yugoslavia. Not understanding the process.

Croats sang "Danke Deutschland, we are not alone anymore", which, linguistically, means that they were alone until then. Russia recognized them before the USA, which was erased from the memory of the nationalists in a very strange way. Mihael Martens came across documents that show that Germany was not in favor of the breakup of Yugoslavia, while it was uniting itself, and for a very long time. Green carpet for Tuđman, and all other good-byes.

One country, however, is. And that was logically – Austria.

Not because of revenge for Gavrilo Princip, or other conspiracies from conspiratorial history textbooks, but for economic reasons, and all those Alps-Adriatics that arose later.

And why? Well, because here there is only one people who think they can change history, even though no one can. Not even Dora in the cartoon we end up with.

Where is Serbia going? - Velike Priče (velikeprice.com)

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