Milanović: Plenković is finished, if the voters have any sense; Plenković: Milanović is a political pest

Parliamentary elections in Croatia are scheduled for April 17

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Zoran Milanović, Photo: Information Service of the President of Montenegro
Zoran Milanović, Photo: Information Service of the President of Montenegro
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The President of Croatia, Zoran Milanović, said that after the elections, he will gather all those who are different from each other, but who have in common that they are not tainted by the government and who in the end "will be the government", and added that - whether those who go to the elections are smart and reasonable - Andrej Plenković is done, reports N1.

Zoran Milanović said that his announcement on the Facebook social network "is a call to all Croatian people to come out to these elections in as many numbers as possible and to get rid of Plenković and his cartel".

He added that Prime Minister and HDZ Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, "ultimately favored, 'set up' a series of criminal acts".

"It may have been unclear at first, but now it's completely clear. No one is responsible for that, everyone is protecting themselves, millions of euros are disappearing that are extracted from companies in which the state has a stake, so Plenković will no longer lead Croatia in this violent way," he said.

Milanović, as he said, intends to bring together those who differ from each other, "parties that differ from each other, but have one thing in common - what the HDZ does not have - and that is that they are not tainted by the government, that they have not looted."

"HDZ does that every day," said Milanović and added that Croatia is a social case of Europe.

"We are at the very back or just above the very back of the EU. Nothing has changed. "The country is morally devastated and people who live on wages are living hard and will live even harder if HDZ remains in power," he pointed out.

"Stability that leads to mental illness"

He added that Plenković is looking at and coming up with election slogans in which he will tell people about stability.

"Such stability leads to mental illness, such stability imposed on us by the HDZ, and that's why all those who are not HDZ, despite all the diversity that exists, have one thing in common: and that is that they have never been thieves, because they are not thieves," he said. Milanović.

HDZ, he continued, is a cartel that has been convicted of crime.

"A lot of people in Croatia will continue to surround HDZ for some reason - it's a shame, but I don't think of accusing those people of violating the constitution. The opposition relaxed and allowed that cartel, those bandits, to steal everything," said the President of Croatia.

"At first I put up a nice resistance"

"For four years, I first offered fine resistance, then rough, then brutal resistance and it will be even rougher. And in the end, we will be the government, and if those who go to the elections have any sense and reason, Plenković is finished," said the President of Croatia.

HDZ, he believes, will get a number of votes, but "a free Croatia must get more and then it needs to be smart and come to an agreement".

He emphasized that he is doing this out of a sense of duty, and he will resign from the position of president, as he said, when a sufficient number of people who will support that government are gathered.

Plenković: People see who is fighting and who is a pest

HDZ president and Prime Minister of Croatia Andrej Plenković said that Croatian head of state Zoran Milanović does not deserve to hold any public office in the country, describing him as a "political pest" who brought only negativity and pollution, reports Hina.

In a statement to journalists, Plenković, commenting on Milanović's call to vote for anyone other than HDZ and those who support that party, reiterated that Milanović is violating the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia and the fundamental principles of the Croatian constitutional order and that he is behaving completely contrary to his behavior in 2020.

Then, he added, Milanović, in accordance with the law as the President of the Republic, announced parliamentary elections, chose one of the Sundays as the day of their holding, and after the election gave the mandate to HDZ President Plenković, who had 76 signatures of support in the Parliament.

Plenković stated that today Milanović attacks every living person who has a different attitude, with the assessment that such a person does not deserve to hold a public office in the Croatian state.

"We are looking at the cabbage of the left who saw the results of the polls, saw that they were losing, and started to impose political diversion, sabotage that cannot pass in the public space," said Plenković

He emphasized that the current government is a "European stabilization mechanism", and pointed to "economic growth, projects, solidarity in society, solving all problems."

"People see who is fighting and who is a pest," Plenković added.

Parliamentary elections in Croatia are scheduled for April 17.

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