Vucic on the resolution on Srebrenica: The world's most dominant powers are against Serbia, but we are fighting

"For the people of Serbia, it is of crucial importance that we do our job, that we can fight," said the president of that country.

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Vučić (archive), Photo: Boris Pejović
Vučić (archive), Photo: Boris Pejović
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The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said today that the most dominant world powers from the West are against Serbia when it comes to the resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica, which is being prepared for adoption in the UN General Assembly, but that it is important for Serbia to fight.

"For the people of Serbia, it is of crucial importance that we do our job, that we can fight. Our prospects are not great, against Serbia we have the most dominant world powers from the West, there is not much to hide when it comes to the resolution for the General Assembly "They are all sponsors, it's a resolution of 17 countries," said Vučić in an interview with Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).

He said that the co-sponsors are Rwanda and Germany, and that all the most developed Western countries, such as the USA, Italy, and France, are there, from which Serbia has officially received that they will lobby for that resolution.

"I replied that I didn't expect anything different. What kind of hero you have against you, and you will have to fight, and we will fight," said Vučić, stressing that he was speaking metaphorically but that it was true that Serbia would oppose them, and that "stronger than they think".

He said that they wanted to talk about compromise solutions, but that there is no compromise in that, their compromise is, as they say, that the resolution has nothing to do with the Serbian people.

Vučić has previously announced that in the event that the resolution is passed, Serbia will submit resolutions about the genocide in Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Jajinci and Jasenovac every year, but will not mention who is behind it.

Vučić said that even in the resolution that Serbia will submit about Jasenovci, it will not be written that it has anything to do with the Croatian people, that it will not be written that German troops shot Serbian students in Kragujevac, neither in Kraljevo, nor in Jajinci, and so on.

"All those tricks, children, with which you think you can convince us, is not a problem, do it by force, as you have always done by force, but this time you will face not only the fact that it will not be unanimous, and every time has been unanimous so far," said Vučić.

According to him, "Russian friends" said that they opened Pandora's box with this, and added that every year they will have proposals for resolutions on the genocide committed against the Serbian people, the Soviet people and other peoples.

Vučić said that now Serbia will run as a non-permanent member of the Security Council, and that it will oppose two NATO countries from Eastern Europe, as well as that it will have three times more votes than those two countries together, "because Serbia is able to gets three times more votes than them".

"We are saying that a small libertarian country protects its integrity," said Vučić and added that "Serbia is fighting for the truth" and that it will do something "that they did not expect from small Serbia."

He said that he is going to New York on Saturday, where he will first attend the session of the UN Security Council, where the regular UNMIK report on Kosovo is being considered. He said that the report was bad this time, and that it did not reflect the true situation at all.

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