Borović: Danka Ilić's body will never be found, the police conducted the investigation sloppily and unprofessionally

According to the lawyer, if it is proven that Dalibor Dragijević died as a result of police torture, the statements of the other defendants who confessed to the crime cannot be evidence.

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Borović, Photo: Screenshot/Youtube
Borović, Photo: Screenshot/Youtube
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Lawyer Borivoje Borović said today that the body of the girl Danka Ilić (2) from Bor, who disappeared on March 26, will never be found.

Borović told the Beta agency that under pressure from the political authorities, the police conducted the investigation "sloppy and unprofessional".

"This case was ruined by the police because they publicly conducted the investigation, publishing even the statements that the defendants gave at the hearing. It is also wrong that the public and the defendants were informed that the criminal offense was threatened with a life sentence. Then one of the accused died in the police station suspects, probably under torture. Now every defendant, who survived, can say that he was forced to make a statement under police torture," said the lawyer.

According to him, if it is proven that Dalibor Dragijević died as a result of police torture, the statements of the other defendants who confessed to the crime cannot be evidence.

"If there are no DNA traces from the vehicle, it will mean that all the evidence was contaminated by the politicians, who hastily wanted to announce that the case had been solved. The police were quite upset that they had not found the body even after almost two months. It is obvious that they did not take criminal and forensic actions in time, but relied on the polygraph, which is irrelevant for the prosecutor's investigation," Borović said.

He emphasized that the girl's body will not be found.

"Danka Ilić's body will not be found and the investigation will have to be stopped, and this tragedy will be turned into a farce," he said.

He added that the case of Danka Ilić is only one in a series that the police did not solve due to pressure and interference from the political authorities.

"Political officials also interfered in the investigations into the murders of singer Jelena Marjanović and lawyer Miša Ognjanović, announcing after a few days that they knew who the murderers were. In all these cases, instead of secretly submitting evidence to the prosecution, the police submitted all the details of the investigation to individual politicians "No court case has been established without first consulting some of the politicians so that they can assess how the investigation should be conducted," Borović said.

The girl Danka Ilić disappeared on March 26 from the family yard in the Banjsko Polje settlement near Bor.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić announced to the public that the girl was killed on April 4.

Srđan Janković (50) from the village of Luka and Dejan Dragijević (50) from Zlot, employees of the PUB "Vodovod" from Bor, were arrested on suspicion that they first hit the little Danka with a company car, and then put her in the vehicle and killed her.

They are also accused of throwing the girl's body into the landfill.

Dalibor Dragijević and his father Rade were arrested on April 6, on suspicion of helping Dejan Dragijević to move the body of the girl to an unknown location.

Dejan Dragijević died on April 7 at the police station in Bor, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia announced.

The press release stated that "the medical examiner concluded natural death".

Dragijević's body was sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Belgrade, where the autopsy report stated that traces of injuries were found on the body and that the death was caused by violence.

The investigation into the violent death of Dragijević is being conducted by the Department of Internal Control of the MUP.

In the meantime, the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Zaječar received the first DNA expert results from the National Criminalistics and Technology Center, which show no biological traces of the girl.

The body of Danka Ilić has not yet been found.

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