VIDEO Dodik: They didn't even have a majority in the UN, this is a failed resolution

"Their plan to impose genocide and moral disqualification on the Serbs failed"

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Photo: Printscreen / Youtube
Photo: Printscreen / Youtube
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Ažurirano: 23.05.2024. 18:26h

The President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, said that after the draft resolution on Srebrenica was adopted in the UN General Assembly, they did not manage to have even a majority, which, he says, shows that this is a failed resolution.

"Nearly 110 countries did not vote or were against or abstained. This is a failed resolution and that means the UN did not support it. Their plan to impose genocidal and moral disqualification on the Serbs failed," said Dodik, RTRS reports.

He stated that the Americans will say that 84 votes "for" is enough, but he asked them, "on what principle is that enough".

"Is it democratic? Well, in the West they teach us that the democratic majority is the one that is more than half of the total number. They don't have that. Why are they lying," says Dodik.

He pointed out that their plan to accuse the Serbs of being a genocidal nation failed.

"After this, the government raised the issue of peaceful separation. After this, we have no reason to stay together," said Dodik.

Vulin: The day after which we should align our policy with the voting results

The Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vulin, said that this is a day of pride for Serbs and the day after which they should align their policies with the results of the vote.

Vulin stated this after the adoption of the resolution.

"You were looking for a fox, you came across a wolf. Germany, the USA and their colonies thought that the Serbs were easy prey. I expected the countries that fought against the Serbs to know us better and value us more. They showed force, but they did not kill the truth. "More UN member states did not support the resolution than they did," said Vulin.

Vulin said that "this is a victory for Serbia, its sincere friends and a victory for the incredible persistence and steel will of the president of all Serbs, Aleksandar Vučić".

"History unfailingly chooses who will do it, and the Serbs who will lead them. For us Serbs, this is a day of pride and the day after which we should align our politics with the results of the vote. Everyone told us what they thought of us, we Serbs choose our own friends , but the enemies themselves choose us," said Vulin.

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