Đilas: Vučić should resign, Serbia does not need a president who fights but one who wins

As Đilas points out, Kosovo is "more and more separated from Serbia, and every year there are fewer of us by more than 100.000".

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Đilas, Photo: Screenshot/Youtube
Đilas, Photo: Screenshot/Youtube
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Yesterday, the President of the Freedom and Justice Party, Dragan Đilas, called on the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, to resign after his latest defeat, this time at the United Nations (UN).

"I call on Aleksandar Vučić to resign because after another defeat, this time in the United Nations, he cannot remain the president of Serbia. For twelve years, Aleksandar Vučić and his media have been telling us how he fights for Serbia, how the whole world respects him, how Serbia strong, but the defeat is getting lower day after day," said Đilas in a written statement, reports Nova.rs.

As Đilas points out, Kosovo is "more and more separated from Serbia, and every year there are fewer of us by more than 100.000".

"We are the European champions in inflation, corruption, crime... And Vučić is fighting. Aside from the fact that he is really fighting only for his own pocket, the essence is the following: Serbia does not need a president who fights, but one who wins. And Vučić keeps losing. And it's always everyone else's fault. Never him, nor his collaborators," says Đilas.

According to the president of the SSP, Vučić "made the issue of the resolution the most important issue for our future, he lied that we would be declared a genocidal nation, that we would pay war reparations...".

"From a resolution that is really bad and will cause new tensions in the region, he made it the question of all questions, the battle of all battles. And he lost in that battle. He lost for who knows how many times and really secured for himself a place in the historical books that he so wanted Generations will learn what the man who started to kill a hundred Muslims for one Serb has done. Serbia is tired of constant defeats. That's why the "great military leader" who lost all the battles, finally went down in history," Đilas concluded.

At the plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly yesterday, the Resolution on the International Day of Remembrance and Remembrance of the Genocide in Srebrenica was adopted.

Representatives of 84 countries voted for that Resolution, 19 were against, and 68 abstained.

Montenegro also voted for it.

During his address yesterday, Vučić called on all UN members to vote against the resolution.

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