US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina: "Disintegration" does not mean independence, but the end of Republika Srpska

The Embassy also says that "BiH is not a union of two entities"

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US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Michael Murphy, Photo: Screenshot/Youtube
US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Michael Murphy, Photo: Screenshot/Youtube
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The secession or "disunification" of the Republika Srpska (RS) does not mean the independence of the RS or the end of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), but rather the end of the RS, the United States Embassy in BiH said, a day after the authorities of that entity announced that they would propose a "peaceful separation" from the second BiH. entity, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In a post on the X network on May 24, the American Embassy pointed out that these plans mean secession, and that it is a "dangerous, irresponsible, anti-Dayton action that puts the territorial integrity, sovereignty and multi-ethnic character of Bosnia and Herzegovina at risk."

They said that these are key interests of the US, and that they will defend and protect them, among other things, "by holding accountable those who put them at risk."

They point out that the RS authorities explain the decision with "a group of lies and misinformation designed to scare the public" in that BiH. entity.

"There is no international conspiracy to abolish the RS, and Mr. Dodik (Milorad, president of the RS, op.a) cannot single out a single statement by any American official calling for the abolition of the RS," the Embassy emphasizes.

They also add that "BiH is not a union of two entities".

"As it is expressly stated in the Dayton Peace Agreement and the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the successor state of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina does not grant the right to secession or 'disassociation' either to the entities or to any lower administrative unit. The RS can only exist within Bosnia and Herzegovina," he states. in the announcement.

They conclude that Dodik's activities "put at risk the future within the Euro-Atlantic institutions that the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the RS, want", and that the path he proposes "would ensure that the citizens of the RS, their children and grandchildren do not have the peaceful, prosperous life in democracy that they deserve". .

Why did the Embassy react?

The Prime Minister of the RS, Radovan Višković, after the session in Srebrenica, stated that in the next 30 days he will create an agreement on disassociation that he will send to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and he stated that it is "not secession".

"We will offer, if you consider us a genocidal nation, which we are not, then we don't have to live together," said Višković.

Entity President Milorad Dodik was also present at the Government session, who said at a press conference that he would seek the support of the Serbian leadership for this decision.

The session was held on the eve of the General Assembly of the United Nations, where the Resolution on Srebrenica was adopted, which condemns the denial of genocide and the glorification of war criminals.

The authorities in the RS, as well as in neighboring Serbia, do not recognize that genocide took place in that city in July 1995, and say that it is a "terrible crime".

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