Dacic: Montenegro's vote on the resolution is a shame that will remain forever for it

Vučić said that no president of Serbia in the future "will repeat what he said in New York".

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Dačić (archive), Photo: BETAPHOTO/MUP SERBIA
Dačić (archive), Photo: BETAPHOTO/MUP SERBIA
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Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said today in a speech in Čačak that no Serbian president in the future "will repeat what he said in New York", at the session of the UN General Assembly where the resolution on Srebrenica was voted.

"And especially to their face. It will never happen again, I can tell you that in advance. I was able to do it and I was able to be brave because Serbia was behind me, because I knew that you wanted a Serbia that has a face , and not Serbia, which retreats before those who want to break it," said Vučić at the pre-election rally "Čačak Sjutra", a list gathered around the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) for the local elections in that city.

The President of the Assembly of Serbia and SNS official Ana Brnabić thanked, as she said: "a terrible machine" - President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić for all his struggle, emotions and passion and for the fact that in the past few days in New York he "showed how to love and defend himself one country, truth and international law".

She said that the upcoming elections are a question of "whether we want Serbia to continue to work and develop and for the care of citizens to be the only important thing for the politicians in power, or do we want Serbia to be led by people who really care about the people and who listen to direct instructions from abroad".

The leader of the Socialist Party of Serbia and the country's Minister of Internal Affairs, Ivica Dacic, said that when "it is difficult for the country", as it is for Serbia today, the only way out for it is to "be united and united", and that is why they gathered on one coalition list.

"Strong attacks require Serbia to be strong in order to successfully defend itself against all attacks. They are not attacking us for no reason, they are proposing these resolutions, they are doing it and voting for it because of them, to justify the crimes they committed against our people, so that it turns out normal that the Serbian people deserved the aggression," Dačić assessed.

He added that there is no greater insult to the victims of genocide when the proponents of the resolution are Germany and Turkey - "the biggest perpetrators of genocide".

As he stated, Montenegro's vote in the General Assembly of the United Nations for the Resolution on Srebrenica is "a shame that will remain forever for it".

"Serbia has united in the defense of state interests, we are proud to be Serbs and to belong to our freedom-loving nation," said Dacic.

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