BLOG "At least 15.899 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks since conflict began"

The war between Israel and Hamas - 59st day

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The Israeli army in Gaza, December 4, 2023, Photo: Reuters
The Israeli army in Gaza, December 4, 2023, Photo: Reuters
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Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant threatened today the "terrorists" of the Palestinian Islamic Hamas in the south of the Gaza Strip that their fate will be "the same or worse" than in the north.

Galant, observing from the border the city of Jabalia and the neighborhood of Shejaia in the north, announced that Israeli soldiers will remain there until the infrastructure of Hamas is completely destroyed.

"This action that is happening now in the north of the Gaza Strip will soon lead to the defeat of (Hamas) in the entire area of ​​Gaza City and in the north. At the same time, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) has begun to operate in the south of the Gaza Strip," warned Galant. , announcing that Israel will continue military operations until victory and until all objectives are achieved.

Israeli leaders have repeatedly said that those goals are the elimination of Hamas and the return of the hostages to Israel.

Israel's military today repeated calls for mass evacuations from Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, where tens of thousands of displaced Palestinians have taken refuge in recent weeks, as it expands its ground offensive and bombards targets across the Palestinian enclave.

Due to the expansion of the offensive, the Palestinians have to decide whether they will stay in the path of the Israeli forces or continue to flee to smaller and smaller, supposedly safe areas.

The head of the UN Agency for Aid to Palestinian Refugees in Gaza, Thomas White, announced on the X platform that "another wave of displacement is underway and the humanitarian situation is worsening by the hour."

Israel is under increasing pressure from its main ally, the US, and appears to be in a rush to deliver a death blow to Hamas before a new truce, if possible, given its deep roots in Palestinian society.

With the death toll rising and Palestinian health officials saying several hundred civilians have been killed since a week-long ceasefire ended on Friday, international pressure to return to the negotiating table will also mount.

Hundreds of thousands of Gazans have fled to the south since the ground offensive in the north began on October 27.

There are now about two million people, most of them Gazans, in about 230 square kilometers in the central and southern part of the Strip, where the ground offensive is expanding. They can only go to other parts of the area because Israel and Egypt refused to accept the refugees.


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Representatives of Israel and Palestine exchanged accusations of "genocide" related to the war in Gaza today at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

"The attacks committed by Hamas on October 7 were motivated by a genocidal ideology," said Jela Sitrin, legal adviser to the Israeli mission in Geneva, before diplomats gathered at the European headquarters of the world organization.

On the other hand, the Palestinian representative Dima Asfur assessed that "the catastrophe caused by people, as a result of extensive bombings and the ground offensive of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, is a "school example of genocide".

18: 34h

New satellite images show displaced people in southern Gaza seeking shelter at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) site in Khan Yunis, Radio Free Europe reports.

The image, taken on Sunday, shows tents and makeshift shelters spreading out from the Khan Yunis Training Center.

Tents began appearing on the UNRWA grounds on October 18, but the camp has expanded rapidly in recent days, including open ground to the west.

UNRWA says more than 30.000 people live there and the site is "very overcrowded".

The latest report, released today, says 1,2 million displaced people are now in UNRWA sites across Gaza.

The IDF has been carrying out strikes in Khan Yunis since fighting resumed on Friday.

18: 07h

Israel's National Security Council today issued warnings to citizens regarding travel abroad, due to rising anti-Semitism around the world, while the war against Palestinian Hamas continues.

For several countries in Western Europe (including Great Britain, France and Germany), in South America (including Argentina and Brazil), and Australia and Russia, the warning has been raised to level two, meaning that Israelis in those countries are advised to take extra precautions .

17: 16h

One of the main telecommunications companies serving Gaza is reporting that all its services have been "lost" in Gaza City and the north of the territory due to continued fighting between Israel and Hamas, Radio Free Europe reports.

In a post on X, Paltel blamed the losses on "the shutdown of major elements of our network in light of the ongoing aggression."

It said its "technical teams are working tirelessly with all available means to restore services".

Since the war began in October, Gaza has reported blackouts for periods of power and communications.

17: 15h

In his latest report, Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesman for the Gaza Ministry of Health, says at least 15.899 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks since October 7, Radio Free Europe reports.

17: 13h

As Israeli troops expand their operations further into the Gaza Strip, they have issued updated evacuation orders, especially in the center and south, Radio Free Europe reports.

One way he shares these instructions is through an online map that divides the Gaza Strip into hundreds of blocks.

Residents are urged to monitor developments in the area where they live and "follow the instructions of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) through various media."

The IDF used social media on the morning of December 4 to issue new evacuation orders in about 20 areas in southern Gaza. The map that accompanied the post contained arrows pointing to areas further south where it said civilians should go.

The IDF also dropped leaflets in areas ordering people to evacuate, sometimes including QR codes linked to a map, and made custom phone calls warning residents of impending attacks. Their approach has drawn criticism.

Sari Bashi of Human Rights Watch said Israel is asking people "who don't have electricity or internet to somehow scan a barcode to see where they're supposed to go."

She also said Israel tells people to flee "when there is no safe place to go" and no safe way to get there.

The UN estimates that around four out of five people in Gaza have been forced to flee their homes by the war, and the US has issued a warning to Israel to protect civilians - which Israel says is making "maximum efforts".

17: 07h

The Israeli army (IDF) has announced that civilians in Gaza should not use part of the key north-south Salah al-Din road, Radio Free Europe reports.

The section, northeast of the city of Khan Yunis, is highlighted on a map posted on social media by an IDF spokesman.

He says the area is now a battlefield and extremely dangerous.

He says the IDF will allow civilians to move south from the area north of Khan Yunis using the coastal road.

As we previously reported, the IDF urged people in much of the Khan Yunis area to head south today.

Recall that Israel previously told the residents of Gaza to evacuate from northern Gaza to Khan Yunis for their own safety.

16: 58h

The families of hostages kidnapped by members of the Palestinian organization Hamas and held captive in the Gaza Strip demanded today to meet with all three members of the War Cabinet, otherwise they will intensify protests against the Government of Israel.

The families requested a meeting two days ago, when the ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war expired and the release of the hostages was suspended, but the meeting did not take place.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denied that he was ignoring calls for a meeting and said the meeting was scheduled for Wednesday. His cabinet later said it was considering whether it could be held earlier.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant met yesterday with the families of some of the hostages.

On October 3.000, about 7 Palestinian extremists, led by the Islamic Hamas, entered southern Israel through a breached border fence and killed over 1.200 people, mostly civilians, and took about 240 hostages to Gaza.

Israel responded with heavy bombing and later ground operations aimed at ousting Hamas and freeing the hostages.

During the seven-day truce, 105 civilians were released - 81 Israelis, 23 Thais and one Filipina.

The truce expired on Friday after Hamas, which Israel claims, failed to hand over a list of hostages it intends to release and began firing rockets an hour before the end of the ceasefire.

Another 137 hostages are believed to remain in Gaza. In exchange for the hostages, Israel released 240 Palestinian prisoners, all women and minors.

In addition, he allowed about 200 trucks, including four fuel tankers and another four with household gas, to enter Gaza every day.

The truce was brokered by Qatar, Egypt and the US, and Israeli officials, including Mossad chief David Barnea, traveled to Doha for negotiations.

The families of the hostages now want Israeli leaders to reassure them that freeing the detainees remains a government priority after Netanyahu ordered the Mossad team back to Israel as negotiations stalled and the ground offensive in Gaza resumed. Some are calling for the hostages to be freed at any cost.


15: 23h

The German government today called on the Israeli army to guarantee hundreds of thousands of civilians in the Gaza Strip real protection from the fighting that is intensifying throughout the enclave.

"We expect Israel not only to ask civilians to leave the danger zone, but to allow them to find safe shelter elsewhere," said German Foreign Ministry spokesman Sebastian Fischer.

He added that "too many civilians have already died in this war."

The Israeli army has been carrying out a ground offensive in the Gaza Strip since October 27, where it captured several sectors, and since the fighting resumed on December 1 after a seven-day truce, the army has been conducting airstrikes in the south of the Gaza Strip, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have taken refuge.

The Israeli military has released a map dividing the Gaza Strip into sectors called "evacuation zones" whose residents are urged to leave in the event of fighting or Israeli bombardment.

"The fighting has now spread to the entire Gaza Strip, including the places where people have taken shelter at Israel's invitation, and there is a risk that human suffering will deepen," Fischer said.

He said that it is therefore especially important for Germany that Israel takes this situation into account in its actions and avoids human suffering, as well as that it is also important that Israel respects international humanitarian law.

Germany has strongly supported Israel since the start of the war with Hamas and has repeatedly stated that the country has the right to defend itself after the October 7 attack by Palestinian extremists.

Since the start of Israel's bombing of the Gaza Strip, in response to that attack by Hamas, more than 14.500 people have died, including 70 percent women and children, according to the claims of the Hamas Health Ministry.


15: 21h

The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Mirjana Spoljaric, is visiting Gaza in an effort to alleviate the unbearable consequences of the conflict for civilians, the organization announced today.

As announced, the President of the ICRC will call for the protection of civilians in Gaza and respect for the laws of war and will also repeat the call for the immediate release of the hostages.

"I have arrived in Gaza, where the level of human suffering is unbearable. It is unacceptable that civilians have no safe place to go in Gaza and with the military siege in force, an adequate humanitarian response is also currently not possible," she said, Agence France-Presse reported. pres.

The ICRC provides supplies for health institutions and for the lives of displaced people, the statement added. The organization's medical teams also assist in patient operations at the European Hospital in Gaza.

"We urgently appealed that the lives of civilians on both sides be protected in accordance with international humanitarian law, and I repeat that appeal today," Spoljaric said.

Israeli media reports that the ICRC has faced criticism from both sides of the conflict for not providing adequate assistance to Israeli hostages held by Hamas and Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Spoljaric emphasized that "all those who are deprived of their freedom must be treated humanely" and added that her organization must be allowed to visit the hostages safely, and that as a neutral participant of the ICRC, she is ready to support "further humanitarian agreements to reduce suffering".


15: 20h

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said today that the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, should be tried for alleged war crimes, as well as the former President of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic.

Erdogan, who strongly criticizes Israel's actions in Gaza, again called Netanyahu "the butcher of Gaza."

"Netanyahu, the butcher of Gaza, is not only a war criminal, but he will definitely be tried as the butcher of Gaza, as Milošević was tried," Erdogan said at a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Istanbul.

In order for Netanyahu to be tried for war crimes, he needs to be indicted by an international tribunal, AP states and reminds that Milosevic was tried before the Hague Tribunal for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia, and that he died in custody before the verdict was passed.

Today, the Turkish leader also again criticized the UN system, accusing the five permanent members of the UN Security Council of blocking efforts to end the violence in Gaza.

"On one side there are 121 countries that say 'stop the war' and 'no more bloodshed' and on the other side there are three or five countries that give complete freedom of action for Israeli attacks," Erdogan said.


13: 52h

Israel carried out a heavy bombing of the Gaza Strip during the night.

Salah Al-Arja, who lives in Rafah in the south of the territory, said that his house was destroyed while they were sleeping, although they believed that he was in a safe zone, reports Radio Free Europe.

"We were sleeping, they told us it was a safe area, Rafa and everything, but at 20:10 they destroyed the whole block, there were children, women," he told Reuters.

"There is no safe zone, neither Rafah, nor Khan Yunis, nor Gaza, nor Dier, they are all liars, they say it is a safe area, they let us seek refuge, they evacuated Khan Yunis and Gaza and they are still bombing, and the bombs are they throw at areas that are densely populated.

They tell you it's a safe area, but there is no safe zone in the whole Gaza Strip, it's all lies and manipulations."

13: 42h

Dozens of Israeli tanks, troop transporters and bulldozers entered the southern Gaza Strip, near the city of Khan Yunis, eyewitnesses told AFP today.

Israel went to war with Hamas after the attack by the Palestinian Islamist movement on October 7. The Israeli military has since carried out more than 10.000 strikes on Hamas-controlled Gaza and launched a ground offensive in the north on October 27.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have fled to the now heavily shelled south of Gaza, where the Israeli military has indicated it intends to expand its ground operations to eliminate Hamas leaders and its infrastructure.

Attacks in the south have been concentrated on the Khan Yunis sector for several days.

"The tanks entered through the Kisufim military border post from the west and advanced more than two kilometers into the village of al-Karara, they are now massed in the Abu Hall sector west of the Salahedin road," said one eyewitness.

Forced to flee to the south of the Gaza Strip, the displaced Palestinians today experience daily bombings that cause numerous victims.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas confirmed during a telephone interview with US Vice President Kamala Harris his opposition to "any forced displacement of Palestinians", either from Gaza or from other occupied territories.

The spokesman of the Israeli army rejected the intention to expel the residents of Gaza from their territory and direct them to Egypt.

In mid-November, however, Israeli Intelligence Minister Gila Gamliel called on the international community to "promote the voluntary resettlement" of Palestinians outside the Gaza Strip, rather than sending them money to rebuild the war-torn territory.


12: 20h

The Israeli army said today that it was not true that it was aware of the plan of the Palestinian group Hamas to cross the border and attack the south of the country.

Earlier, the New York Times published a report stating that the Israeli military knew about the Hamas plan a year before the attack was carried out.

The paper stated that Jerusalem received the information at a briefing by intelligence analysts, but that the Israeli military assessed the Hamas plan as "baseless."

"It is ridiculous to try to promote any conspiracy theory. I categorically deny any possibility that this was the case," Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) wrote on the X social network.

He also admitted that "the IDF failed to provide what was needed, protection and security for the Israelis (that day)."

Conricus announced that the army would undertake a "comprehensive" review once Hamas was defeated.


11: 53h

The commander of Israel's armored corps said his and other ground forces are close to accomplishing their wartime mission in the northern Gaza Strip and operating elsewhere in the Palestinian enclave against Hamas.

"The objectives in the northern part are almost met," Brigadier General Hisham Ibrahim told Israel Military Radio, as reported by Reuters.

"We are starting to expand the ground maneuver to other parts of the strip, with one goal: to bring down the terrorist group Hamas," he added.

11: 52h

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be tried as a war criminal because of Israel's ongoing offensive in the Gaza Strip, reports Reuters.

Speaking at an Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) committee meeting in Istanbul, Erdogan said Gaza is Palestinian land and will always belong to the Palestinians.

11: 51h

The Israel Defense Forces said they carried out strikes on around 200 Hamas targets in Gaza overnight, while ground forces continue to operate along the entire Strip.

An IDF statement said that Hamas infrastructure inside a school in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, which Hamas operatives used to attack Israeli troops, was destroyed.

The Israeli media reports that the airstrikes intensified during the night.

Cars believed to be carrying rockets and mortars for Hamas operatives, an anti-tank missile launch position and a group of Hamas operatives and a nearby weapons depot were targeted.

The Israeli navy also targeted Hamas observation posts and other infrastructure along the Gaza coast overnight, the Israeli military said.


08: 53h

The war between Israel and Hamas - Day 59.

The Israeli army has expanded its operations in the Gaza Strip, where the death toll of Palestinian civilians is increasing, tensions are rising in the region, and there were armed attacks in Iraq and the Red Sea over the weekend.

"The Israeli military continues to expand its ground operation against Hamas throughout the Gaza Strip. The military is operating wherever Hamas has strongholds," military spokesman Daniel Hagari said late last night.

Israeli soldiers have been engaged in a ground offensive since October 27 in northern Gaza, where they have taken control of several places. As fighting resumed Friday after a week-long truce with Hamas expired, the military has largely focused on airstrikes.

Overnight, an attack on the entrance to the Kamal Advan Hospital, located in northern Gaza, killed several people, according to the Palestinian Wafa news agency, with the Hamas government accusing the Israeli army of "serious violations" of international humanitarian law.

Israel accuses the Palestinian movement Hamas of setting up its infrastructure in or under hospitals and using civilians as human shields.

France Press adds that tensions are spreading in the region. Over the weekend, five pro-Iran fighters were killed in an attack in Iraq, while Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels, who themselves support the Palestinians, attacked two ships in the Red Sea.


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