Biden and Trump secured the presidential nominations, in November a repeat of the race from 2020.

According to the American electoral process, candidates are awarded delegates based on the results of party elections in individual states. In order to secure the nomination, the candidate must have a certain number of delegates who then formally declare themselves at party conventions.

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Biden at the auto show in Detroit, Photo: Reuters
Biden at the auto show in Detroit, Photo: Reuters
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The President of the United States of America (USA) Joseph Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump on Tuesday formally secured the presidential nominations of the Democratic and Republican parties after decisive victories in Georgia, Mississippi and the state of Washington, while the race for the White House enters a new phase.

In party elections, Biden won more than the 1.968 delegates needed to formally secure the Democratic presidential nomination, and Trump won at least 1.215 necessary for the Republican nomination. Biden's candidacy will be made official at the party convention in Chicago in August, and Trump's at the convention in Milwaukee a month earlier.

According to the American electoral process, candidates are awarded delegates based on the results of party elections in individual states. In order to secure the nomination, the candidate must have a certain number of delegates who then formally declare themselves at party conventions.

Biden had no serious challenger in the race for the presidential nomination, despite his low popularity and voters' concerns about his age. Some Democrats are also protesting Biden's support for Israel in the war against Hamas in Gaza. His allies, however, hope he will be supported by the Democratic base and independent voters who fear a second Trump presidency.

Biden presents the race as a fight for freedom, in America and abroad. He compares his support for Ukraine and work on NATO expansion to Trump's praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin and messages that he will tell Russia to attack NATO members who do not meet their financial obligations.

"We are faced with a sobering reality. Freedom and democracy are at risk here in America like never before since the Civil War. Donald Trump is running a campaign of resentment and revenge that threatens the very idea of ​​America...I believe Americans will choose to continue moving into the future." , Biden said in a statement after securing the nomination. He also pointed out that he is honored to have won the second presidential nomination of the Democrats.

"I am honored to be trusted again by a broad coalition of voters that reflects the rich diversity of the Democratic Party across the country to lead our party — and our country — at a time when the threat from Trump is greater than ever," Biden said.

The outcome of Tuesday's Republican primary was also a foregone conclusion, especially after Trump's only rival, Nikki Haley, withdrew from the race last week.

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After the elections on Tuesday in four states, including Hawaii, there is no longer any doubt that Biden and Trump will again be in the race for the presidency in the elections on November 5, even though not even half of the party elections have been held. It will be the first time since 1912 that the candidates in the elections are two American presidents, AP reports.

Also, it is the first time since 1956 that the same candidates are in two election cycles. Then Republican President Dwight Eisenhower defeated the former Democratic governor of Illinois, Adlai Stevenson, for the second time.

This year, polls show many voters do not want a repeat of the 2020 race, while both Biden and Trump are unpopular among most voters, according to a Reuters/Ipsos survey.

Ahead of Tuesday's election, Trump acknowledged that Biden would be the Democratic nominee, and again attacked him for his age.

"I guess he's going to be the candidate. I'm his only opponent, other than life itself," Trump told CNBC.

At a rally in Georgia, he repeated baseless claims that the 2020 election was rigged, and he also attacked Biden for failing to stop the flow of migrants at the border with Mexico. The issue of immigration is central to his campaign.

Biden also focused on Trump, who he said during a rally in New Hampshire on Monday night was a serious threat to democracy. He also signaled that he would intensify the campaign.

"I look forward to being at more rallies like this," Biden said. He also joked about his age,

"I know I don't look like it, but I've been around a long time," said Biden, who is 81.

Georgia awarded the most delegates on Tuesday, which could be key to the outcome of the presidential election in November.

Trump was indicted in that state for attempting to overturn the electoral will after he asked local officials in 2020 to "find 11.780 votes" to overturn Biden's victory.

And while both candidates try to show strength in the key state, they still face more problems.

Four indictments with a total of 91 counts were brought against Trump, among other things, for withholding classified documents after he left the position of president and trying to alter the 2020 election results. There are also questions about his policies if he wins the election, as well as his relations with some of the world's most dangerous dictators.

Biden is trying to convince skeptical voters that he is still physically and mentally fit to serve as president. He is also facing protest from the progressive wing of the party for not making more efforts to stop the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Last month in Michigan, more than 100.000 voters declared themselves undecided. That campaign won a total of 20 delegates in the party elections.

Ahead of Tuesday's election, in Seattle, Washington, there was a campaign for Democratic voters to declare themselves undecided to protest Biden's support for Israel, whose offensive in Gaza has killed more than 30.000 Palestinians.

It was similar in Georgia, where local politicians and religious leaders asked Biden to seek a cease-fire in Gaza.

"Our voice is the most precious tool we have to hold this president accountable for his harmful policies," said Rami Al-Kabra, a Palestinian-American and deputy mayor of Botel, a city near Seattle.

In Georgia, retiree Donna Graham says she would like someone other than Trump to be the Republican candidate, but that there is no way she will vote for Biden in the November election.

"It's sad that it's the same race as four years ago," points out Graham.

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