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Many were astonished by the fact that Milan Knežević and Dragan Koprivica performed in front of the prisoners in the prison in Spuž

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Koprivica and Knežević, Photo: DNP
Koprivica and Knežević, Photo: DNP

One of the best television programs in recent times is the story of a settlement located right next to the fence of the prison in Spuz. Almost no one can reach these people, they can't call anyone on the phone. The problem is with the signal jammer that is in the prison. That solution is absurd, because instead of finding a way to prevent inmates from smuggling phones into the prison, the solution seems to be to block the signal. But signal blocking also causes problems for neighbors, who now seem to be able to rely only on Wi-Fi and alternatives like Viber or WhatsApp.

Sometimes the stories from our Sponge seem like in a movie Life imprisonment. It seems humorous, as if Eddie Murphy and Bernie Mac were acting here too. Sometimes they are fierce because a lot of innocent people like in Spuž stayed there Bjesktvo from Shošenko, and a lot of people came out of that prison who served their time, were guilty and served time, like Urket in Last lap in Monza. The scenes from the prison in that film are realistic, because the screenplay was written by Dušan Prelevic Prele, who knows what it's like on the other side of the bars.

Ivo Andrić spent time in detention, both in prison and in house, so it's no wonder how and where he got his emotions for Damn courtyard. From the diary notes and writings of Milovan Đilas, we see the effect of prison. Borislav Pekić and Dragoslav Mihailović were imprisoned, and then wrote perhaps the most free books. You should also read Vlad Dapčević, if anyone knew what it was like "inside", he knows. It was not for nothing that he said that the prison is one of the biggest universities. Žarko Laušević left a great testimony about our prisons, about the system and the absence of a system within the walls. You should also read Zoran Radonjić's book, an authentic story without filters and fences.

The Repetitor band also performed a concert inside the prison walls. How much energy they spilled in the courtyard of CZ Belgrade and how the prisoners reacted can be seen on YouTube in the video If you ever.

Many were astonished by the fact that Milan Knežević and Dragan Koprivica performed in front of the prisoners in the prison in Spuž. A lot of funny mimes were created, a lot of comments, but the video from that performance is really impressive. Milan Knežević addresses the prisoners, but without saffra, he performed as if it were an open-mic evening, as a stand-up, which is perhaps better than if he spilled difficult topics to people who normally find it difficult to stay there. It makes sense for him to read poetry to them, right there in prison. But it really doesn't make sense for Dragan Koprivica to play and sing, because even though they applauded, "they didn't deserve such a punishment." Many played with the terms, but it's not nice to say that it was a punishment for the ears, because there is a serious rock band, Punishment for the Ears, but unlike Koprivica, they play and sing very well.

Perhaps it would be best if a band or musician from Spuž performed inside the walls of the prison in Spuž. Stefan Patnović is one of the best Montenegrin musicians and producers, and he lives in Spuz. He deserved to play there, and they would have something to hear from him. There is also a poet from Spuž whose verses could be recited. I wrote more than 10 years ago on the pages of ART about the poet Bran Žarić from Spuž. Finally, it is worth recalling his poem:

Life is one/don't spare it mate/it slides fast/like down a sled/tomorrow you'll be sorry for what you missed/use it to the end/to the last bank!

Bonus video:

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