We will get IBAR and the Republic of Serbia

Maybe it's the last moment for the prime minister and his party to give up the image of Mandić as our and pro-Western leader, which he, while Vučić is over them and while there is sun and Grahovac, cannot be! And yes they will

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Photo: Network X
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History and life teach that enmity and intolerance, whether between states or between people, develop more easily where differences are smaller. This is the case between Serbs and Croats, Arabs and Jews, Đukanović and Vučić, but also between Spajić and Abazović. In their telenovela, full of passion, intrigue, accusations, sometimes a common denominator appears.

Namely, both Dritko and Mickey recognize in the former DF a healthy and sick tissue, which is no less real and current than the one in the DPS that General Grahovac and Ranko Krivokapić announced to us for a decade and a half. But it can't happen. Instead, Đukanović eventually sent all those supposed carriers of a healthy genome into political retirement, leaving behind a reformed youth, who turned out to be sickly healthy.

However, even in this recognition of healthy and diseased tissue within DF, Spajki and Abaz do not completely agree. Moreover, a big difference is visible. The prime minister sees healthy tissue in the head of parliament Mandić, and the leader of Ura in the leader of the DNP, Knežević. For months, Spajić has been convincing the Western partners that Mandić is "ours" and not Vučić's, that his new peaceful and conciliatory tone is noticeable in all conversations and public appearances, which, says Mickey, the Dalai Lama can personally testify to. Supreme authority on peace, stability and European integration, up to IBAR. On the other hand, Abazović every now and then targets Mandić as the main culprit for the formation of a new government, the fact that he is no longer the prime minister, at least technically, and that Andrija, apparently, is now more in love with Mickey than he once was with himself. He doesn't mention Knežević, he can't forget how much Milan helped him with the famous Do Kwon letter and the extraordinary session of the Security Committee on that occasion. If necessary, even Patriarch Porphyry can confirm it. That, after Dritan, Milan is his favorite in Montenegro. Which then means that he, like Abaz, is healthy tissue and Vojvoda - sick.

But that's enough sarcasm, it's about the state. So, is Montenegro on its way to getting IBAR from Varhelji and gramata from Vučić - that we are another Serbian republic, no worse than Banja Luka's Dodikstan. Or as the newly appointed ambassador of our neighboring country, a certain Nebojša Rodić, vividly said: There is no force that can separate one people, no force that can divide one people, no force that will be stronger than the will of the people and the will of the citizens! Which means that the referendum of Serbia, Republika Srpska and Montenegro, which was recently announced to us by Mile - can begin.

But he is not so worried, as the DPS and patriotic satellites complain, that no one from the current majority reacts to the provocations of the aforementioned officials of the Serbian world. It is a much bigger problem that all processes of this kind, obviously orchestrated, produce results.

That's why, after Vučić's embarrassment of Minister Gorčević, with chosen words as only Šešelj still knows how, we came to revise the position of her party. Harry Potter by Vasilij Čarapić, namely, in Strasbourg, he abstained from the vote regarding Kosovo's admission to the Council of Europe. Like, until the Association of Serbian Municipalities is formed! Instead of going to the lectern and giving a historical lecture on the age-old apartheid of Kosovo Albanians, similar to that in South Africa, he mentions Ibrahim Rugova, who was the Balkan Mandela, and then concludes that Kosovo's independence is a logical consequence of the tragic policy of the official Belgrade in a prolonged period, and not an act of revenge against the current regime of Aleksandar Vučić. Or to the Serbian people, who are still held captive by their master in the past. Every apartheid ends with freedom, this is also the case of Kosovo, Harry Potter could have made a point in Strasbourg, that he was celebrated more there than in DPS, but the party (PES) did not recognize him. A moment, not Vasilija.

However, it is not the only pebble in the mosaic of the creeping coup d'état. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, for example, has been keeping a BiH protest note in his drawer for weeks regarding the fantastic guest appearance of Dodik and the forgotten state flag of Bosnia at the ceremonial reception in the Parliament of Montenegro. It is not known whether Ivanovic is playing a super conscientious diplomat who is guided by the canons of the profession, which order BiH to announce the news of the demarche in a specific case, or whether he is guided by Spajić's sarcastic quip in which he wished the best to all flags and all those appointed in the last ten years.

However, the worst happened these days. The presence of the President of the Parliament of Montenegro and his entourage from the DNP at a military exercise organized for the purpose of threatening and intimidating neighbors is a first-class scandal. For which tragicomic DPS the main culprit is the head of state, that is, the Queen of England, and not the prime minister and the leader of the party that forms the parliamentary majority with Vučić's puppets of Andrija and Milan! But, well, Jacob pleaded, what's waiting for Mickey?

Step by step, Montenegro is being reduced to the 27th electoral unit from the time of the late Milošević, that is, to another Serbian republic, from the time of Vučić the First Crowned. While the late Prime Minister of Montenegro explains to us how anthems, flags, citizenships, churches, identity and nation are ordinary trifles, which he obviously handed over to the main coalition partner Andrija, to arrange and present them in his own way. Hence Mandić and Knežević under a tent, somewhere in the interior of Serbia. And Spajić doesn't know, because he was little, that everything started under the tent at the end of the 80s of the last century! With the fact that it looked much less serious at the time - instead of tanks and howitzers, lambs were turning in front of the tents and selling sheepskin coats with cockades, while below them a half-drunk group, with Novak Kilibard and Momir Vojvodić, sang - Who is the first, I am the second... Today, the faces gathered under the tent seem much more serious - instead of shubara and songs, they are all wearing Pal Zileri suits, carefully looking at some maps and listening to the Supreme Commander who shows and explains to them that Serbia is not small and that it has been at war many times before. And we know from the song what happens - if you're lucky!

Prime Minister Milojko Spajić is silent on everything mentioned. His Government and MPs are hiding, shrugging their shoulders or, like Harry Potter, holding back. And in the heart against, because who can take Kosovo from their soul. Really, I have one question for what is left of the once serious and strong DPS: do they really believe that Spajki will save them and return them to the Government, which would, as they say, save Montenegro too, or are they just heard that he promised that somewhere?! To Milo's chief of staff, Radović, in meetings that, if there were any, we never heard about, or to Ivan Vuković, in a tavern confrontation that we learned about from the professor himself?! And one more question, supplementary: even if Milojko is an ethnic Montenegrin like Jakov, or if, like Momir, his first name is Montenegrin and his last name is Serbian, what does that help when half or most of GO PES adheres to the Kosovo curse. You know that fart, who didn't come to fight in Kosovo and the like.

But, even if Mickey and his people are on the right side of history, it is clear, after half a year of functioning of the new parliamentary majority, that Montenegro is dancing to the tunes of Aleksandar Vučić. Because the strength and intelligence of Mandić and Knežević should not be overestimated. However, to paraphrase Knežević himself, they are ordinary military cooks. At least Milan is aware that both of them, without the political, media, financial and logistical support of Belgrade, would be marginal political actors. Similar to Dajković and Milačić. This is how Marko and Dajko become decision-making factors! Because it is only a matter of time when the leader of the Sešeljev bloc, Milan K., will enter the government?! And with him, in depth and width, numerous Dajković.

That is why it is perhaps the last moment for the prime minister and his party to give up on building Mandić as our and pro-Western leader, which he cannot be, while Vučić is over them and while there is sunshine and Grahovac! And yes they will. Perhaps the mission of creating the Dalai Lama was a humane attempt, but Andrija is far from the Croatian intellectual Drago Pilsel, who explains in Great Stories how he stopped being an Ustasha.: I defeated myself. Now I travel with a lighter one baggage than the one I was burdened with by my grandparents and parents because I was walking under the heavy burden of terrible historical misconceptions.

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