Everything went with ease and enjoyment

Montenegrin representative at the Miss Globe pageant, Ivana Radenović, conveys her impressions from the said competition

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Photo: Errol Webberus
Photo: Errol Webberus

Montenegrin model Ivana Radenović she returned from Albania, where the Miss Globe competition ended a few days ago. At this beauty pageant, Radenović represented Montenegro.

"Even though Albania is in our neighborhood, I have to say that this was my first time visiting it. We stayed at the Diamma resort in Durrës for two weeks. However, we used each day to visit a different city. The organization itself was at the world level, so the organizers made an effort to spend the time in the best possible way before the preparation for the final evening", tells Vijesti utiske Radenović, for whom this is her first international competition.

"When I arrived, I only became aware of where I came from and how much responsibility I have, but also the beauty that all this brings. I have to admit that there were a few tears when saying goodbye before returning home, because in two weeks we all became one big family", she proudly points out, and adds that socializing is something she will remember from this trip and that she achieved with all the participants nice communication.

Ivana Radenović
photo: Private archive

"I received an invitation from many to visit their countries, and certainly, when I have the opportunity, I will visit all of them with great pleasure. The organizers and assistants had a great responsibility to take care of more than 50 girls, and I am delighted as much by their professionalism as by their love that they selflessly shared with each of us. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet successful, and above all, good people who did their best to remember this for the rest of my life as one of the most beautiful engagements in fashion that I have had in my career," says Radenović, who has been modeling for years. , but this is her first experience when it comes to the pageant for Miss, and she reveals how much this competition and experience will change her perspectives when it comes to fashion:

"All these years that I've been working, my work has mainly been limited to fashion shows. I had the desire to try something new. I have to emphasize that I got the hang of it very quickly, even though it was a completely unknown segment of the modeling business for me. Of course, I owe thanks to the people who were in charge of the competition, because with them everything went with ease and enjoyment. I have had the opportunity to meet a handful of good and quality people in all these years that I have been working, but this time there were more of them in one place. They are proof to me that when you love your job and do it the right way, there can be no lack of love, respect, or professionalism. I learned countless beautiful things from those people, received advice that remained etched in my mind, and a special place in my heart was occupied by The Miss Globe team”.

At these competitions, some candidates attracted the attention of the public thanks to their unusual costumes. However, at one of the presentations, Ivana wore a red dress with the coat of arms of Montenegro on the back.

Red dress with coat of arms, work of Natalija Urbanova
Red dress with coat of arms, work of Natalija Urbanovaphoto: Private archive

“Each of the girls was authentic in their own way. Of course, each of us tried to present ourselves and our country in the best possible way, and behind me I had a team of people who were at the top of their task. My dress for the national costume category was signed by the designer Natalia Urbanova. The dress I wore was already at the Montenegro fashion week, and even then when I saw it I wanted to walk in it at least once. This was the perfect opportunity for that and I am grateful that Natalija was a member of my team", boasted Radenović and revealed that the designer was responsible for the dress she wore at the ribbon awarding ceremony and the cocktail dress. Maja Jokic.

"Although she is new in the fashion world, Maja won my trust right after she presented her first collection at the last Montenegro Fashion Week. I have to emphasize that Maja is one of the first designers whose dresses I chose to wear, because I thought that her knowledge, effort and work were worth presenting at such a world event. I'll be honest, I've known Maja privately for many years and apart from being a professional, she's a wonderful person, and she will forever be the first in my heart", stressed Radenović, whose emerald dress, for the final round, was made by the designer Nada Pavlović, owner of Fashion Studio Pavlović.

"I had the opportunity to meet her right before I left for Albania, but while doing this job, I will always be happy to cooperate with her, because she is a great professional. Our energies coincided at the start, and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her", she says.

Ivana Radenović
photo: Private archive

She chose to wear a Montenegrin costume with her, but in the end she did not have the opportunity to present it to the audience.

"Although I did not have the opportunity to walk in the Montenegrin national costume at the competition, I must emphasize that it was provided for me by the Cultural and artistic society 'Duga' from Podgorica. They responded to my call at the last moment and I am immensely grateful to them for that," says Radenović.

At the Miss Globe pageant itself, not only beauty was judged, but the candidates competed in several segments, and one of the indispensable parts of such events is the part where the beauties present their talent.

"In addition to the main prize of Miss Globe 2023, there were other categories at the competition. I have to boast that I experienced the greatest success when it came to Miss Talent Globe, because I had the opportunity to be one of the finalists. At that competition, I presented myself with painting as my talent, and my first work won the sympathy of both the jury and the audience. I didn't have much time to dedicate myself to the pictures as I usually do, but I gave my best and it was appreciated. I would single out that as one of the nicer experiences from the competition," said Radenović.

Ivana Radenović
photo: Private archive

Although she became friends with all the participants at the competition, she is sure that she made "friendships for all time" with her roommates.

"All the girls were really great, and I had a nice communication with each of them. However, I would single out my roommates, first of all - girls from Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to the fact that we shared a room, we spent every free moment together and achieved good communication. I stayed in contact mostly with them and the girl from Albania, who promised me that she would visit Montenegro in December, and I look forward to that meeting again", concludes Radenović.

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