Montenegrin misica for Vijesti: A beautiful experience, but the pace is exhausting

Officially, the most beautiful Montenegrin is staying in India, where the finals of the Miss World pageant will be held on March 9

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Anđela Vukadinović, Photo: Private archive
Anđela Vukadinović, Photo: Private archive
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Miss Montenegrin Anđela Vukadinović has been in India for several days now, where the Miss World pageant is being held at the beginning of next month.

Immediately after Angel's arrival, as well as the other candidates, they had the opportunity to visit the memorial center dedicated to the legendary Mahatma Gandhi, a man who once fought for India's independence with ideas about peace and non-violent resistance.

During their stay in Mumbai, which is hosting the Miss pageant, they will get to know this city, but they will also use their visit to India to get to know other gems of this country.

From the moment she was greeted at the airport, Anđela told Vijesti that she was very satisfied with the organization, and they started with the tasks immediately upon arrival.

Anđela Vukadinović
Anđela Vukadinovićphoto: Private archive

During the welcome, a party was organized with a gala dinner where they had the opportunity to taste traditional Indian dishes. Already on the second day of their stay, an evening was organized where they presented the traditional costumes of the country they come from.

"I wore a long red dress with the coat of arms of Montenegro. When the name of our country was mentioned, I received a big round of applause, which can also be heard in the video. On the third day, we had two minutes each to give a speech to the judges on the topic 'Beauty with a purpose', through which we had to tell everything about our humanitarian work that we organized in our country during our mandate", Anđela recalled how she spent the first few days.

He does not hide that the duties they have during the preparations for the main election are very demanding.

"We get up at five in the morning and by the end of the day we have a plan and program. Every minute is precious to us", said Anđela, adding that she hangs out with all the candidates and that they support each other.

"What's interesting is that we prepare ourselves for every public performance because we don't have a hairdresser and make-up artist, and believe me, all of that is scored and entered into the final result. And the public and the jury expect us to present ourselves in the best light," she says.

Anđela Vukadinović
photo: Private archive

In the coming days, our missus, as well as the other candidates, expect numerous competitions in sports, dance, national costumes, the top model girl, the face of the cover and many other smaller competitions that precede the main one are chosen.

"When it comes to dancing, I will dance to our traditional Montenegrin circle. I am overjoyed, this is a great life experience for me that I will remember for the rest of my life. I hope that one day I will talk about my experiences from India to my children as well", said the girl, who took part in a debate about her humanitarian work the day before yesterday, where she directly addressed Julia Morley, the director of the prestigious world competition.

Anđela Vukadinović
photo: Private archive

"She was delighted with the amount of money I collected during my term. She advised me not to give up humanitarian work even after I officially hand over the crown to another girl," said Anđela, who already yesterday had the opportunity to meet with the current Miss Karolina Bielavska, to whom she handed over a portrait she had drawn while she was in Crna. Burning.

"She was delighted with the portrait I painted and gave her as a gift. She said that she did not expect such a unique gift", Anđela proudly points out, who last night attended an outdoor gala dinner where they were introduced to various ambassadors around the world.

Anđela Vukadinović is still a current miss
Anđela Vukadinović is still a current missphoto: Private archive

"Today we are expected to take pictures and record various videos, which will be used for the further competition in Mumbai, where the final evening will be held on March 9", reveals the program of the young lady and does not hide that she is full of positive impressions.

"I have to praise the organizers once again. Everything is at the highest level, but I have to admit that this pace is very exhausting. I generally lead an orderly lifestyle, so I fit in easily. Everyone asks about some rivalry between the girls, but it doesn't really feel like it. To each her own. I'm very picky when it comes to food, and Indian cuisine is strong and spicy, so I don't really like it. All in all, when you know what you came for, you can endure everything," says Anđela.

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