Minus and plus: What changes in intimate relationships after 40.

As in women, so in men, the level of hormones changes with age

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Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
Illustration, Photo: Shutterstock
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When we enter our forties, hormonal changes are inevitable. With changes in body and mood, sex life also changes.

You have less desire for sex

When we enter our forties, hormones slowly begin to change, and this can lead to women having less desire for sex. Also, it can happen that women need more time to be ready for sex, as well as suffer from vaginal dryness.

This pressure can be reduced with the help of a lubricant. Also, talking to your partner helps you start enjoying intimate relationships again.

You experience orgasm more often

It is a myth that mature women cannot experience orgasm. Namely, with age, a woman has more experience and self-confidence. She is more open and enjoys the sexual act more. These are exactly the reasons why women in their forties experience orgasm much more easily than before, he reports First.

A man can delay orgasm longer

As in women, so in men, the level of hormones changes with age. This leads to the fact that he can delay orgasm longer and enjoy intimate relationships more intensively. In this way, he will have more time for his partner, and thus the probability of a joint orgasm is higher.

You will find new ways to have fun in bed

If you are not doing as well as before in bed, it is an opportunity to introduce some novelty into your sex. By trying new things, you will have more exciting new experiences.

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