A rally in support of Katnić in front of the SDT, a person who insulted the participants of the protest was detained

They are demanding that the former chief special prosecutor be released to defend himself

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From the protest in front of SDT, Photo: Luka Zeković
From the protest in front of SDT, Photo: Luka Zeković
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A group of citizens gathered today in front of the building of the Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT), demanding that former chief special prosecutor Milivoje Katnić be released to defend himself. The reason for the protest, they explained, is that Katnić's life is threatened in custody.

Those gathered carried banners: "The prosecutor for the coup is being 'tried' by Russian agents", "The fascism of the August avengers must be prosecuted", "Resist fascism", "The BIA insults us, the BIA sues us", "The right to life is inalienable", " Novović, do you have the head for a 'Russian safari'"...

The police detained a young man who, while riding a bicycle, was insulting the participants of the meeting.

They poured red paint, which symbolizes Montenegrin blood, on the banner that says: "Are you still thirsty".

"We decided to react and influence awareness and ethics, if they still exist. Today, Milivoje Katnić, as the former chief special prosecutor, is a victim of those accused of a coup d'état. How can you trust an SDT, which dismissed dozens of cases, such as cases of Jelena Borovinić Bojović, how can you trust this SDT, which dismissed the indictment against Petar Knežević. There is also Vesna Bratić, who caused damage to the state in excess of 250 thousand euros, said civil activist Svetlana Pajović Music.

"With this performance, we send a message and ask how much Montenegrin blood is enough for you and whether you are thirsty for more. Stop the political persecution of Montenegrins, stop the tyranny of the government, because human life has no price. Death to fascism," said Pajović Music.

At the meeting, it was said that journalist ND "Vijesti" Jelena Jovanović was "drawing a target" for civic activists and journalists.

She read the letter sent by the Montenegrin Helsinki Committee (CHO) and a group of citizens to the Chief Special Prosecutor (GST) Vladimir Novović and "all those involved in the treatment" of Katnić, in which they request that he be allowed to defend himself from freedom, with full medical and other necessary protection. They say that Katnić is a person with seriously impaired health and that his decision to go on hunger strike poses a huge risk to his life.

Portal Vijesti was confirmed yesterday that the former president of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović, also supported this initiative.

Katnić and the former assistant director of the Police Administration, Zoran Lazović, were arrested last week by order of the Special State Prosecutor's Office, which suspects them of creating a criminal organization and abuse of office. Both were remanded in custody for up to 30 days.

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