The VDT will request that the Prosecutor's Council consider attempts to influence the SDT: Victims of revenge or helpers of the mafia?

Yesterday, a protest was held in front of the building of the Special State Prosecutor's Office, during which the participants, who call themselves civil activists, demanded that Milivoje Katnić be freed to defend himself against serious charges. The attempt to put pressure on the SDT has been going on since the day when, by order of the special prosecutor, the former chief special prosecutor and the former assistant director of the Police Administration, Zoran Lazović, were arrested

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They claim that the prosecutor's office arrests on a national basis: yesterday from the protest, Photo: Luka Zekovic
They claim that the prosecutor's office arrests on a national basis: yesterday from the protest, Photo: Luka Zekovic
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Supreme State Prosecutor and Head of the Prosecutorial Council Milorad Marković will incite that body to consider the issue of trying to influence the prosecution.

This was answered by Marković's cabinet to "News" in the context of yesterday's protest in front of the building of the Special State Prosecutor's Office (SDT).

Markovicphoto: Boris Pejović

During that protest, it was demanded that the former head of SDT Milivoje Katnic from freedom defends against serious accusations, and the participants accused the special prosecutors of being "Russian agents".

Allegedly, the reason for the protest is that Katnić's life is threatened in custody.

The Directorate for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions denied to "Vijesti" that Katnic's life was in danger, saying that they were monitoring the health condition of the detained former chief special prosecutor. Katnić has been on hunger strike since his detention.

"Milorad Marković, as president of the Prosecutor's Council, will initiate the Prosecutor's Council to consider the question of attempts of different types of influence on the State Prosecutor's Office", the public relations adviser at the Supreme State Prosecutor's Office answered to "Vijesta" Marina Raković.

The attempt to put pressure on the SDT has been ongoing since the day they, by order of the special prosecutor Miloš Šoškić, members of the Special Police Department deprived Katnić and the former assistant director of the Police Directorate of their freedom Zoran Lazović.

The SDT duo suspects that they created a criminal organization that worked for the criminal kavac clan headed by Radoje Switzerland and that they saved that Kotor resident and his soldiers from prosecution for the most serious crimes - murder.

After they are police officers Predrag Šukovića put handcuffs on their hands, the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) announced that this SDT action represents "a continuation of revanchism that has been going on since August 30, 2020", when they lost power.

They claim that the goal is to criminalize their rule at all costs, "with the ambition to overturn, in addition to political damage, the indictment in the 'coup d'état' case", in which the leaders of the former Democratic Front (DF) Andrija Mandić i Milan Knežević is on trial for attempted terrorism on Election Day 2016. They were sentenced to five years in prison each in the first-instance proceedings, but the verdict was overturned. Mandić and Knežević claim that this procedure is politically motivated.

Long-time leader of that party, but also president of the government and state in several mandates Milo Djukanovic he supported the non-governmental organization Montenegrin Helsinki Committee (CHO) which demanded that Katnić be released.

That NGO also launched a petition demanding the same.

"Pobjeda" journalists at the performance
"Pobjeda" journalists at the performancephoto: Luka Zeković

On the same background were the participants of yesterday's protest, during which they carried banners: "The prosecutor for the coup d'état is being 'tried' by Russian agents", "The fascism of the August avengers must be prosecuted", "Resist fascism", "The BIA is insulting us, the BIA is suing us" ", "The right to life is inalienable", "Novović, do you have the head for a 'Russian safari'"...

They poured red paint, which symbolizes Montenegrin blood, according to the banner on which it is written: "Are you still thirsty".

"Vijesti" asked VDT Marković yesterday if he considers the letter of support, the petitions, but also the protest to be a kind of pressure on the prosecutor's office and if he will defend the prosecutor.

In addition, he was asked whether, as protest participants claim, SDT arrests on national or religious grounds, or whether they do so on the basis of evidence.

Arrest and charges

Lazović and Katnić were arrested on April 14 by order of the Special State Prosecutor's Office.

A long-time security guard was deprived of his freedom in Bijelo Polje, and a former judge and prosecutor was arrested in Danilovgrad's Klikovače settlement.

According to the files of the SDT, the two, as key people in the SDT and the Sector for the fight against organized crime and corruption, only formally took actions against the leaders of the Kavac clan, hid international information about the head of that criminal organization, Radoj Zvicer, and protected him from arrests, and then misled the public with statements that Petar Lazovic he is not a member of that criminal group, but a secret agent on assignment and that criminal proceedings against him were initiated with the aim of destabilizing Montenegro.

Let the killers of Kavčan walk in Montenegro: Lazović
Let the killers of Kavčan walk in Montenegro: Lazovićphoto: Boris Pejović

It is explained that the former chief special prosecutor knew the codes under which the leaders of that criminal organization were writing on the Sky application, but that he did nothing to process them. On the contrary, he agreed with the position of his then subordinate prosecutor Saša Čađenović not to initiate proceedings against one of the bars Duško Roganovića, with which he also helped Switzerland, Milan Vujotić, Dragan Knežević, Radoje Živković and others...

Lazović is accused of having illegally facilitated the entry of paid killers of the Kavački clan into Montenegro. Veljko Belivuk i Marko Miljkovic. Both have denied guilt.

"They affect the conscience"

The participants of the performance, who call themselves civil activists, said yesterday, in front of the building of the Special State Prosecutor's Office, that they decided to react and "influence" awareness and ethics.

"...If she is still there".

"Today, Milivoje Katnić, as the former chief special prosecutor, is a victim of those accused of a coup d'état. How can you trust an SDT, which dismissed dozens of cases, such as the cases of Jelena Borovinić Bojović, how can you trust such a SDT, which rejected the indictment against Petar Knežević. There is also Vesna Bratić, who caused damage to the state in excess of 250 thousand euros with illegal dismissals," said civic activist Svetlana Pajović Music.

They accused "Vijesti" journalist Jelena Jovanović of "targeting" civic activists and journalists.

Decision on detention made, but not dispatched

The extra-judicial panel of the High Court in Podgorica made a decision on the appeal against the decision on the detention of former chief special prosecutor Milivoj Katnić, but it has not yet been sent.

"The decision in the above-mentioned case has not yet been dispatched," Marija Raković, the court's public relations adviser, told "Vijesta".

Katnić appealed against the decision of the investigating judge of that court, Goran Šćepanović, which ordered him to be detained for up to 30 days.

Judge Šćepanović is also mentioned in Katnić's letter, which was published by some media, and which they claim is Katnić's.

"They waited to do it on Sunday in order to show that they have under control the judge for the investigation of Šćepanović, and that no one from us Montenegrins hopes that the case can come before the honorable judge (Suzana) Mugoša - writes the former chief special prosecutor in a letter to his son .

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